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The source of the intergalactic radio wave revealed in "piercing"

Researchers from the top science agency in Australia have determined the site of a single explosion of powerful cosmic radio waves in the world of the first.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) announced on Friday a discovery with the new Australian Space Circuit Telescope (ASKAP) in Western Australia.

After discovering that the explosion was born outside the Glaciers of the Milky Way, 3600 million light years from Earth, researchers could then visualize that galaxy using the three largest optical telescopes in the world.

"This is a breakthrough that the field was waiting for because the astronomers discovered the rapid explosions of the radio in 2007," said Keith Bannister, CSIRO's chief author, in a statement.

In 12 years since radio explosions were discovered, scientists around the world discovered 85 more explosions, most of which were "all at once."

The source of one of the rare "repeat" rafts was discovered in 2017, but the location of a rafter proved to be more demanding because it lasts only a few milliseconds.

To find out, the Bannister team has developed technology that can freeze and store data that detects ASKAP less than a second after detection.

"From these small time differences, just a fraction of a billion of a second, we identify the local galaxy of explosion and even its exact starting point, 13,000 light years from the galactic center in galactic suburbs," said team member Adam Deller.

"It comes from a massive galaxy that forms relatively few stars." This suggests that rapid radio bursts may appear in different environments, or that seemingly isolated bursts discovered so far by ASKAP are generated by a non-saturated mechanism. repetition. "

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