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The two judges saved their voice in punishing Guaido

January 31, 2019 to 01:45

Magistri Marisela Godoy and Danilo Mojica were the only ones who by their vote did not confirm the measures that the Supreme Court issued on Tuesday against Juana Guaido. TSJ President Maikel Moreno announced on Tuesday night that this instance had taken precautionary measures requested by Tareck William Saab.

In that sense, the ban on leaving the country for Juan Guaido was firm; nor can it exert or exterminate property, and its bank accounts are blocked. The judges argue that Moren's decision was made without debate and only six hours after Tareck William Saab, in his capacity as a State Attorney, formally requested them. Judges who saved their voice reported on their decision via social network Twitter.

"I withdrew today from the Chamber of Deputies, arguing that the decision on the precautionary measures requested by the state attorney against Guaido was not discussed by the judges, thus preventing the right to a legal term attached. When I left I left in the minutes of the Secretariat of the Plenary Hall my dissatisfaction with the fact that I can not issue my own opinion, "Godoy wrote. The judge saved her voice because she could not express her opinion on the issue discussed.

For Mojica, the decision made in Sali Pleni is contrary to Articles 99 and 102 law organ supreme court, The first rule refers to the procedure to be followed in order to know the subject in any TSJ room, which passes through the appointment of a Judge Rapporteur. Appointment must be made within three days after the subject has been accepted. The second relates to the fact that the nominees must submit a draft judgment. None of these steps has been taken in the event of a request for precautionary measures against Juana Guaido.

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