Tuesday , May 18 2021

There were three dead children in the barrel

ÚN.- Three nights without vital signs are located on the night of last Saturday, in the March 10 parish sector Carlos Soublette, Vargas stanje.

Officials from the state delegation Redip Capital stated that they were warned that bodies in the plastic barrel were on the 10th floor of block 3 of that area.

Victims are identified as Fabiana Prieto Paduaniz (8), Brayan Alejandro Prieto Paduaniz (7) and Yoenny Daniela Prieto Paduaniz (5)According to research, brothers died of mechanical asphyxia.

Because of this, the victims of the victims were arrested Henry Alexander Prieto Paduaniz (31) and Yasmín Prieto Paduaniz (18), who was in charge of the children.

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