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This is the right kind of exercise for all ages – Noticias Ya

(NEWS YA) .- The effect of exercise on health is profound and can protect you from various conditions, including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.

But the type and amount of exercise you need to make changes to how you age.

To be sure you are doing the right kind of exercise for your age, follow this simple guide Julie Broderick, Physiotherapist Assistant at Trinity College in Dublin for The Conversation.

CNN quotation, This is a real exercise for every age:

Childhood and adolescence

Children should try out different sports and develop skills like swimming and kicking the ball. Many physical activities like playing on the playgrounds, explains Julie Broderick.

Exercise habits tend to steadily decrease during teenage years, especially in girls.

For young people who do not practice team sports, swimming or athletics can be a good way to maintain fitness levels.

In her 20 years

Up to your absolute maximum bodypower you will be able to reach in the middle of your 20 years.

Change training and keep it entertaining. Try rugby, rowing, training camp or triathlon.

In her 30 years

As a career and family life for many people intensify at age 30, it is important to maintain cardiovascular capacity and strength to slow down normal physical decay.

If you have a sitting job, make sure you maintain good posture and stop long periods of sitting by forcing activity to your day.

Try with high-intensity interval training.

Sprint and cycling are a kind of good training for those who have little time, as this can be done in 20 minutes. It is also advisable to add a spinning or yoga course.

In 40 years

Most people begin to gain weight. Endurance exercise is the best way to optimize calorie burns to prevent accumulation of fat and reverse the loss of 3% to 8% of muscle mass for ten years.

Start a weights training program in the gym, says Broderick. Start running if you do not run and do not be afraid to start a more intense exercise program. You will gain more success with running instead of walking.

In his 50 years

Pain can occur and cardiovascular disease may occur.

Obtain strength training twice a week to maintain muscle mass. Exercises with weights, walking or Tai Chi are recommended, which can be excellent for balance and relaxation.

In the 60's

Physical activity decreases with age, so stay active and try to resist that trend.

Try dancing or other dance forms; Exercises of strength and flexibility twice a week. Water aerobics and cardiovascular exercises, such as fast walking.

Maintaining a high level of body activity can prevent cancer and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

70 years and over

Exercise in the 70's continues to help prevent weaknesses and falls, and is important to your cognitive function.

Instead of inactive family and friends visits, go along for a walk. This will motivate you and improve your health more than self-exercising.

Turn on some power, balance and cardiovascular exercises in your regime.

The main message is to continue to advance through life.

The most useful health is continuous exercise.

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