Tuesday , January 19 2021

Tips for improving circulation in diabetics

It is customary in some cases that we have the feeling that our legs or hands are "sleeping". In severe cases, swelling or even throbbing can occur.

If this is repeated, then it is most certain that you have problems with circulation, most commonly because of lack of physical activity, fat accumulation and / or insufficient nutrition.

In this case, we are talking about diabetes, and it is almost impossible for a person with diabetes to have any problems with circulation. But why are they particularly inclined to the development of circulation problems?

Dr. Enrique López-Villa, a member of the PhD, explained that high levels of blood glucose could lead to changes in blood vessels. Or, if there is no exercise right, we can accumulate too much fat that would clog bloodstream arteries.

Some tips we can share to cure this condition

Drink plenty of water, this revitalizes and helps improve circulation because it prevents blood from becoming viscous.

Weight loss helps to control the levels of sugar.

Avoid refined sugars that prevent changes in blood vessels.

Have a low fat and carbohydrate diet and go to nutritionists to help build a diet plan based on taste and needs.

Foods like garlic, ginger, and fish help because all this helps in the expansion of the blood vessels, thus preventing clots.

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