Tuesday , January 19 2021

Two items fall after confronting the Army and the GNB

The woman is in the dark.

Caicara del Orinoco.- Two days of conflict between the dangerous gang in Caicar del Orinoco and the security forces left the balance between two people, including the woman.

The Bolivarian Army Commissioners, along with members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), enrolled in the urbanization of Natalio Loreto in search of a criminal group that keeps the population.

The deployment started on Friday. The aim was to lead the criminal organization skin and Panaro, which have already been assigned by agents.

That night the mosquitoes were defeated antisocial. Photographing expanded for a few minutes.

The action required other security forces to join the confrontation.

The Body of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) and Bolivar State Police (PEB) came to support.

According to the government's report, the confrontation lasted for more than five hours.

Rodents would not be easy to catch.

Allegedly, the criminal group used the point of firearms to deal with the authorities.

At the intersection of bullets they used to avoid the authorities; they fled through the enclosed area near the place where they were "found".

They collected two firearms

The second day of coping

In the early morning hours on Saturday, officials of the Army and the GNB assigned to the 626 division made a second raid in the sector.

When they were deployed along the second street, between the transverse one and two, they saw a few people carrying weapons of different caliber.

Firefighters gave a stopping vote, but individuals had rather fired against official vehicles on which they moved the money.

As they attacked the commission, the robbers entered the house of two of these sectors in search of a shelter. But they continued to shoot at the Army and GNB.

Authorities responded the same way. The transhipment lasted while the two were injured.

When officials entered the house, they noticed the bodies of men and women in one of the rooms; They had twisting injuries.

They were identified as Darwin José Aljorna Maestre and Norbelkis Saray Pérez.

Despite the fact that firefighters tried to provide first aid, individuals did not have vital signs.

The bodies were transferred to the hospital's morgue Dr. Arnoldo Gabaldón.

At the confrontation site, the agents seized two firearms allegedly facing soldiers.

It has been shown that several criminals from the group of hammocks managed to avoid the cops, among them skin and Panaro.

The GNB and the Bolivarian army have been deployed for several hours in urbanization to find others involved; However, they did not succeed.

It should be noted that those responsible for the investigation did not indicate the crimes or the police record, nor the members of the rest of the gang.

It is expected to offer a balance sheet in the coming days explaining the part of the survey.

Lies a morgue

On the other hand, the body dropped off the axis of the murder of the science police, the Ciudad Bolivar base.

They were transferred to the National Department of Medicine and Forensic Science (Senamecf) for appropriate examinations.

Will continue the search

Those in charge of the operation in which two men were killed said they would continue the investigation to find other members of the criminal group.

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