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Two kidnappings were killed after they faced Carabobo police

H2: Renovated crane stolen from victims. (Photo courtesy)

Two kidnappers of Los Grueros de Mariara, who held two captives abducted, were killed when confronted with Carabob police commissions during a trial conducted in the municipality of Diego Ibarra.

During the action, police officers managed to save the victims and capture the four people allegedly involved in the incident, with the renewal of two firearms and two vehicles.

The chief of this police force, chief inspector Pedro Velasco, explained that officials were assigned to the Intelligence and Preventive Strategies Directorate (DIEP) to investigate in the Valencia-Tocuyito highway sector when they noticed several men traveling to the crane and Chevrolet's car Spark, which were kept for proper checking.

"After confirming that no crew owned proper legal documentation, the suspects were detained, allegedly kidnapped by two people after theft of their cars," he explained.

He also said that a later citizen appeared in the office of this office, identifying himself as the owner of a stolen crane.

It was concluded that the detainees were part of the criminal group "Los Grueros de Mariara" who, after exhaustive examinations, admitted their two accomplices held the drivers of both vehicles in the Covenal parish office in the parish of Mariara and quickly activated the search operation to find where the people were which they held in captivity.

"After intensive investigations, the officers were surprised by two armed people who were nervously prowling along the lakeshore of Valencia, who were surprised to have fired several times against the commission, causing a conflict in which they were seriously injured, transferring them to a medical center where they later died "he explained.

He has published two citizens

Velasco said that two people aged 32 and 55 were released during a police operation, members of this group hunted by the threat of death and found at the site of the ropes.

He added that in the process it is possible to return the gun Bryco Arms, Valor model, caliber 380 and rifle 12, which the deceased used today to attack the soldiers.

Modus operandi

The commissioner also pointed out that members of that dangerous criminal group called for a crane service to kidnap and steal these types of vehicles that had been relocated to Colombia to be illegally sold to the neighboring country. The case was reported to the 2nd and 35th State Attorney's Office.

Press Release Governación de Carabobo

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