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Ultra fast charging points for electric cars are advancing with Repsol

The development of manufacturing and commercialization of electric vehicles has not done more than the progress of recent years. However, its final move depends on the development of not only the cars themselves, but also the infrastructure for their use. Evolution of filling is an important factor, i Spain wants to be in the foreground, hand in hand Repsol.

Ultra-fast filling points are spotted in Spain

Earlier this week, Repsol opened the first ultra-fast electric vehicle charger at the Iberian Peninsula and one of the first in southern Europe.

The facility is located on the N-I road along the way to Lopidanu (Álava). Allows battery charging of vehicles that support their maximum power in a time of five to ten minutes. This is a period similar to that used for conventional fuel filling.

New ultra-fast charging system represents a breakthrough for the use of electric vehicles as a means of interurban transport.

It is located in Repsol Service. Account s maximum power 700 kw (kW), which can be divided between four power pins, depending on the battery capacity of the vehicle. It can be configured to offer two 350 kW motors at the same time. Or you can charge four, each with 175 kW.

The project is expanding

Repsol plans to offer this state-of-the-art technology to four other petrol stations in its 2019 networkIn addition, the company It has 31 hot charging points at its gas stationsIn addition, it participates through Ibil in the network with more than 1,700 points, of which 200 public access.

Ipol installed an ultra-fast filling station for Lopidana. It will be managed and maintained by the same company. This company is run by Repsol and the Basque Energy Agency (EVE). His goal is to develop technology, services and capabilities in the field of power charging.

So any existing electric vehicle on the market can use this infrastructure, lNew points include standard charging ports Combo CCS (up to 350 kW) and CHadeMO (up to 100 kW).

There are different types of additions depending on the strength of the power point. This, along with the features of the vehicle itself, determines the charge of the battery.

At an extremely fast charging point you can charge 80% 40 kWh of battery for about 5-10 minutes. At speed, this time is about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, in half-speed, it takes an hour and a half.

Installation of Lopidane part of the European E-VIA FLEX-E project, This plan envisages scheduling a pilot network of 14 similar facilities in European transport corridors in Spain, France and Italy.

The initiative seeks to share the best practices for taking this type of infrastructure and the technical experience that arise from its installation, maintenance and operation.

Growing market

Electricity sales in Europe reached 408,000 units in 2018, 33% more than in 2017. The sales volume of electric cars increased four years by four times, but they remain niche by only 2.3% on the automotive market. Electric vehicles still account for only 0.4% of the 320 million cars and light commercial vehicles existing on European roads.

Obviously, with no vehicle filling station, this development can not continue. So, evolution charging points for electric vehicles is just as dizzy as sales, And Repsol points in that direction.

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