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Unexpected announcement of Karol G, which worries fans and music industry

Fans will feel the absence of the singer. Karol G takes care of his thousands of followers by a recent release at Instagram, where Columbus has suggested he will retire from the music industry.

"12:07 am I'm constantly wondering if my efforts and sacrifices are enough. I tend to be unjust and selfish with myself and many times I try too hard to see the more I need to achieve. It is good to take a break to thank and what has been achieved, Colombia said on duty Instagram.

You can see Anuel AA and Karol G show an intimate moment in bed

With this message, fans Karol G They took heartily for the singer to make a step with the music and they talked in the comments section to ask their favorite artists to ask different questions.

"Strong woman, take the decision you make, we'll support you here because we're happy when you are," "You are my … you always want to achieve more, but we have to stop and thank you even more", "You've reached enough and you will continue to exercise Goals, but it is always necessary to rest "and" we will see you again ", you could read between the messages.

Karol G Rather, he did not talk about it, but social network users already assumed that the singer had temporarily decided to retire from the music.

About the success of Karol G

"Secreto" and "Culpables" spoke to him most of the topics and his legion of follower continues to grow in social networks. Especially in Instagram, where Karol G already exceeded 17 million followers.

Despite the great popularity of music, Karol G and Anuel AA they do not avoid the sharp criticism of cybermaster. Both people take into account the content of their publications, especially the singer of Colombian origin.

Karol G is a picture of a cosmetics brand campaign

Singer Colombian This is part of the advertising campaign of the famous cosmetic dentist "Urban Decay". The prestigious brand praises the beauty woman and the artist was very excited about the project. Other musicians and actors accompany him as an American rapper Lizza, singer surcoerana CL, actor and musician Ezra miller and actress Joey king.

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