Tuesday , June 15 2021

Vaccination reduces the risk of flu from influenza in diabetics by 30%

Prior to World Health Day, marked on November 14, Dr. Patricia Cervantes told a press conference that flu-like people with a flu were three times more likely to be hospitalized and six times more likely to die.

"Vaccination is important not only to avoid complications from influenza, but also to avoid other complications associated with this virus," said medical director Sanofi Pasteur Latin America.

The specialist explained that this vaccine protects diabetes and reduces 30% chance of suffering from sudden heart attack, 22% heart failure, 19% myocardial infarction and 15% pneumonia "which is essential for vaccination."

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In this regard, Dr. Alejandra Malacara said that 80% of people with flu complications because they were not vaccinated or because of one or more comorbidities such as diabetes.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, 425 million people worldwide have diabetes. There are 11.5 million people currently living in Mexico.

Diabetes is the leading cause of death in Mexico, and type 2 is the most common cause of this disease. Among the main factors of risk for developing this disease are excessive body weight, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and family history.

In addition to preventative measures such as vaccination, Dr. Gabruila Allard said it was necessary for patients to remain under control because during a high blood glucose level they cause damage to many tissues in the body, leading to a risk to the lives of patients.

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"If the patient does not receive the appropriate treatment and does not have a healthy lifestyle, he or she may have vision problems in 54.5% of cases, retardation of the retina in 11.19% of cases, loss of vision at 9.9%, ulcer at 9.14 % and amputations in 5.5%, "says an expert.

The problem is, says Dr. María Elena Saduño, that in Mexico 75% of patients with diabetes are outside the control goals.

"It's complicated because it's a growing problem in Mexico. Diabetes control involves learning to understand the disease as well as behavioral changes, drug use, and the frequency of medical assessments," he said.

He also emphasized the importance of family participation in the diabetes control process in the patient, and that education and vaccination are the basic pillars for the prevention of complications associated with illnesses such as influenza.

In addition, he said that this vaccine should be applied once a year, as annual changes in strains of flu viruses change, "so you must be protected every year this season," Saduño concluded.

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