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Venezuela has lost the opportunity to make a jump in quality

The proposal of the technician came with the first goal of Lautaro Martinez and when Vinotinto tried to react, the safety of Faríñeza disappeared with the aim of Lo Celso.

GERARDO BLANCO / CARACAS.- All the scaffolding scoop on which it was held Venezuela failed to perform certain playback Argentina capitalized 2-0 with a fine class dose Lautaro Martínez, for the first time and opportunism Young Celso in the second part eliminate Vinotinto from American Cup.

Venezuela reiterated the plan to put pressure on the center of the court, and the lines were together to avoid connecting football Argentina with Messi as a pole of attraction to the ball. Argentina Ten minutes of intense pressure and ball control were enough to take over the game and lead to victory. Wuilker Faríñez held a nil with fired soccer to kick his first shot Lautaro.

Stuck on the bow Faríñez, defense Vinotinto He allowed up to four consecutive corners that thrilled the nerves. The guarantor managed to avoid the head Martínez who Pezzi he hardly touched the tap, but the first mistake came up immediately. Argentina He took full advantage.
Tomás Rincón has expanded the second hub to that area. Search for With Agüero passed through the woods to the foot until Lautaro He pushed the back of his back into the bow that paralyzed him Faríñez.

With an early advantage, Argentina It was a consecrated dose. He gave him the ball Venezuela that he knows nothing about the skin, because it is the only plan Rafael Dudamel for the first time it was the same as always: waiting, pulling and counter-merging.

Upon returning from vacation, Argentina it could do more harm in the series Lautaro who shot him in the far face of the distant half Faríñez. Dudamel ignited the boats and tried to give another dynamics by entering Yeferson Soteldo for handling the ball and Josef Martínez play with two ahead.

After seventy minutes of passivity, Venezuela tested Franco Armani with the recording Ronald Hernández that he missed the opportunity to cross the auction and slammed it into the hands of a high shotgun River Plate.

The output error generated a sudden attack With Agüero, Security Faríñez she disappeared in the worst moment. That gave bouncing and Celso He went into solitary confinement.

armani the last opportunity to discount is buried, removing only the header Rondon during the match. Venezuela He leaves the cup with bitterness on his lips, for when he had to make a leap of quality, lightning Dudamel she remained in pure skill.

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