Monday , May 17 2021

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The lyrid corresponds to the remains left by the comet Thatcher.

Among the first astronomical phenomena that brought this to us in 2019 is spectacular rain star which can be seen in April. And as every year during this month, the constellation of Lira leaves the rain of famous stars Lyrids.

This phenomenon comes from the remains that leaves them comet Thatcher (C / 1861 G1), which has a 415 year orbit and discovered in 1861 by A.E. Thatcher.

According to NASA, by 20 stars per hour They can be appreciated in the rain that will start on April 16 and will last until 28. The highest intensity will be observed between 21 and 22 of the same month.

The best part is to appreciate this phenomenon you do not have to use telescopes or binoculars. Since it is a rain of the middle intensity star, it can be observed with the naked eye, but it is always recommended Escape from urban centers which have a lot of light pollution.

See what Lyrida's phenomenon looks like:

If you want to know the location of Lyrida, the weather synchronization portal offers an interactive sky map.

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