Friday , September 20 2019
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"We have established direct contact with the UN"

About the case of Rafael Acosta Arévalo: "We have established immediate contact with the UN"

"There is no word to describe this disgusting fact, we established immediate contact with the family and the UN Commission in Venezuela, and I gave instructions to ambassadors and international teams to appeal to governments, and especially to High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet," the president said. President of the National Assembly (AN), Juan Guaidó, also recognized by more than 50 countries as the provisional president of Venezuela.

He confirmed that he still "collected" torture information from the Chief Military Counter-Intelligence Service Officer (Dgcim) Captain of the Coroner of Rafael Acosta Arévalu, who died this Saturday at dawn.

The lawsuit was issued by attorney Tamara Suja via Twitter. "Priveden on June 26. Yesterday, he arrived in the yard for a wheelchair, showing serious signs of torture, he did not speak, he just sought help from his attorney, I did not understand or listen well."

"We continue to gather information about this crime in order to deepen our action, no one, absolutely no one can remain indifferent to this horror, let alone men and women in armed forces," Guaido said on Twitter on Saturday, June 29.

He expressed solidarity with members of the Acosta Arévalo family. "Military family: they are not alone, there will be justice, murder, criminal and torture dictatorship: it will not remain as men and women of FANB, they know what they need to do to save the country and the military institution: expel the Cuban conquerors and defend the constitution."

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