Friday , June 18 2021

What did the victory in Bahrain mean for Mercedes?

Since the hybrid era began in 2014, Mercedes has so far dominated every season with an iron fist, although yes, it seems that in 2021 something has changed in favor of the show and it has already stopped being noticed in Bahrain.

One of the most exciting victories

Already in pre-season tests, Red Bull Racing feared great performance and great reliability, something you always have to take with a grain of salt until you get to the first race of the season, especially if the big rival is Mercedes, one of the teams hiding the most during the last winter tests.

Once he landed in Bahrain to compete for the first Grand Prix in 2021, Red Bull was tasked with continuing to show his potential and led three free practice sessions, to later also score the first half of the season in the hands of Verstappen and time almost four-tenths faster than Hamilton’s.

Despite this, during the race Mercedes managed to turn the tables thanks to a more insightful strategy that put Red Bull on the ropes. Despite this, the Austrian team knew how to recover and Verstappen fought one on one with Hamilton for a victory that they would eventually lose after the controversial FIA ban.

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An explosion of hysteria in a Mercedes

Thanks to that, Mercedes climbed to the top of the podium with the Dutch driver less than a second behind Hamilton, which was one of the German team’s toughest victories since the hybrid era came into play. For this reason, James Allison, Technical Director of Mercedes, described the victory as follows: It was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had on the racetrack..

When he finally crossed the finish line, there was an explosion of hysteria in our garage. It was a great pleasure. Last year we managed to win many races with a series of very good performances, but was very few such memorable races as the one we enjoyed in Bahrain”, added the British engineer at the end.

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