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WhatsApp for tablets can now be downloaded from Play Store

After a long wait time for WhatsApp, it has made it easy and easy to install your Android tablet service. So far, we have had to resort to alternative methods, but the app is now available in the Google Play Store in the usual way.

WhatsApp for pills comes in the Play Store

In the latest version of WhatsApp, we've found something new that lets us see what we send more people before they do it, as we've said recently.

But with this function there is another one very expected, which allows Install the app from the Play Store on the tablet, So far, if we entered Google Store and searched for WhatsApp, we would say that this application is not available for our devices, but the following image will now appear.

When you install the app, we need to configure it with a phone number that may or may not be on the tablet. That is, we can use it on any device even if there is no SIM card until we connect the phone number. Because We can not open tablet and mobile service at the same time, as we can do with others like Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

Once configured, we will have the same interface as in a mobile phone, just on a much larger screen.

Of course, to use this feature, we must sign in to the WhatsApp beta program at Play Store because the currently stable version does not have this feature. If we do not want to sign up for this program for any reason, we may call on one of two methods Pedro Moya told us a few weeks ago in the very detailed video we are going to follow.

If you need WhatsApp APK, you can download it from the APKmirror section.

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