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You can now share Instagram stories as in WhatsApp groups

Instagram introduces a new feature that has been in development for several months. It's called "close friends" and is virtually the closest way to share your stories with a selected group of users. One you choose.

Share stories only with your close friends

The arrival of social networks meant a transversal change in the way we relate. Before coming to Facebook, saying that you had, I do not know, 5000 friends, looked crazy. Internet and social networks are a tool to connect with people who Friendship is trivialized.

Perhaps this loss makes more sense for Facebook, call any contact buddies, although the term "followers" is not less smooth. Again, if you've said before Twitter that you have more than 5,000 followers, people will take you as a sect leaderas little.

And why all this way of definition? Because they want to return the meaning of the word "Friendship" to Instagram. Or maybe not, but close it.

"Close friends" are not a feature that has been removed from the sleeve. In June 2017, we told you that Instagram is working on a new way of sharing your stories inspired by Google+ circles.

The idea is halfway between public and private profilesFrom now on, you can create stories for all your followers, as well as for your friends and family. For those of you, the truths you want to appreciate, they are a part of your life of greater importance than the number can say.

You will decide who your closest friends are, who will be able to see your most personal stories, those you do not want to share with your acquaintances. Users who receive these stories you will see that this kind of story has a green ring, instead of the usual purple and yellow gradient.

This feature will soon arrive by updating in the app.

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