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2 million views after debut, No.1 Top Trending Youtube, which attracted Huong Giangov's new MV?

"Where are you?" Is the latest music Huong Giang released on November 10? After just one day, the MV quickly attracted the fans' particular attention, achieving impressive performance on the interactive MXH with over 2.6 million views, climbing straight to # 1. Fall to tears. So what did "Where are you now" that Huong Giang just "started" got the public's love so?

MV "Where are you?" – Huong Giang

2 million views after debut, No.1 Top Trending Youtube, which attracted Huong Giangov's new MV? - Figure 2.

After more than one day of launch, MV hit 2.6 million viewers, retaining the # 1 position. Trending Youtube.

Huong Giang was the first music product after he had crowned Miss

Incredibly, the first charisma of the MV "Where are you?" It is the first product launched by Huong Giang with a new role – Miss International Transition 2018.

Prior to being crowned, Huong Giang was a singer and released various music products in different colors, from light ballads to lively EDMs, even in the MV with a fastened scene. 18 + … But, in general, these products are still quite weak in music and pictures, they are not impressed by the audience.

At this point when the name was harder with the position of the new Miss International, of course, "Where are you?" It will get more attention from the public, but here Time has also put pressure on Huong Giang. While the audience waited nearly a year, Huong Giang convinced them to do music. Fortunately, she and the crew were on the right track, using their strength to reach points in the eyes of the fans. Many viewers also said, Huong Giang made them many times to ignore the beautiful beauty, gentle gestures in the MV.

Huong Giang with the highest quality in the new MV.

Musical ballad "heart", the most powerful voice ever

"Where are you now?" Is a new ballad composed of Singer Song 2018 Andiez Nam Truong Huong Giang Pencils. Male musicians are described as "Mr Siro on the music scene" when most of his songs are light ballads, it is easy to hear melodies and emotional storytelling with unforgettable lyrics. poetic quality A "Where are you now?" It continues to be a song that goes with a safe formula that easily pops into such a hit.

In addition, the silently pronounced vocals on the song Huong Giang were rated even the most stable and emotional ever. The texts are written as a stream of sentiments Huong Giang is full of tears:You, she, she, us / Now we must be happy as an original / Remember, pain and happy people in other places / Ask if they can not count as the third"It's easy to find empathy, viral speech, emotional status that is shared on social networks. It can be said that the first "squeeze of hands" in her music, Miss and the new "sadness" of music are considered a smart choice to help Huong Giang to be a product of love. audience.

Huong Giang and Andiez Nam Truong

Drama MV is full of drama with an opening that prevents viewers

MV "Where are you?" was invested as a short film, The exploitation of the story was stolen by lovers of love with content very similar to the Thai film fever caused by the Vietnamese community – "Love Without Faults, Body Failure." This love triangle is still a sensitive theme, now built in dramatic dramatic style, should be an emotional culmination. to attract public curiosity.

Namely, MV begins with the romantic love of two pairs. Everything was smooth until a boyfriend betrayed her boyfriend. Huong Giang and her lovers are always on the side of the party, and her friend most suffers. However, Huong Giang can not expect a good heart to blossom the love affair, a break between boyfriend and best friend.

2 million views after debut, No.1 Top Trending Youtube, which attracted Huong Giangov's new MV? - Figure 5.

It can be said that the MV was not a new breakthrough that was used by VOP artists such as Chau Nhu Quynh, Si Thanh before, but they got great sympathy for the audience.

The culmination of the end, the audience is more angry when the witness "third person" is extremely intimate, embracing the lover of his best friend while Huong Giang's affliction was barely sitting sitting in a complete witness to the car, They are painful, melancholy when they are the main woman Huong Giang has to face the fact that the love you love the more you do not like …

Words: "If you are Giang, what would you do?" Huong Giang and the crew smartly placed on the screen and in the MV credit audience so the viewers watched here feel excited, can not comment. DIn the comments section or in the status line on facebook, each depicted the "conspiracy theory" of Han and Jack in MV to return Huong Giang as: climbing straight to the front seat, crashed or entered a car for several warning boilers … This has contributed to the creation of MV coverage on the social network.

Audience comments while watching have accidentally created little coverage for MV on social networks.

Huong Giang and her three friends were also recording because, although they were not professional actors, they came to mind, they emotionally ran the story. If Han gives the audience an angry feeling, "hates bitter hatred" with inadvertent lines, Huong Gianga's girl on the shoulder makes the audience feel compassionate when his friend robbed his lover in front but just weeping.


Promising that he will continue to play the second part of the MV "Where are you?", Huong Giang's audience is extremely curious, waiting for the end not to know, the main woman in the MV will resign, Give her best friend or energetically fight for his happiness. All will be solved with new music products in the future.

2 million views after debut, No.1 Top Trending Youtube, which attracted Huong Giangov's new MV? - Figure 8.

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