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Many people come early

According to PV Thanh Nien, as well as previous meetings or contact with voters of the leader of Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Thiem people from very early.

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Although according to the 8-hour plan, on the first day of the meeting, the Tran Thi Ngoc loan was one of those who came around 6:30 pm for fear of overcrowding.


Although according to the 8-hour plan, the first day of the meeting, the Tran Thi Ngoc loan was one of those who came around 6:30 in the morning for fear of being deceived.

Together with the loan, there were many of its former neighbors on Thursday Thiem. Mrs. Loan said she had a 4.3-acre house, Quarter 1, Binh An Ward; has been withdrawn and received a fee, backing about 1.7 billion euros. When he received the compensation, he had to spend $ 150 million to buy a home in Nguyen Tuyen Street, Binh Trung District (district 2).

& # 39; Do not leave the remains of the fourth interest group Thiem & # 39; on Life - Picture 2

"If you do not go, you will have to do this, and many other people walk like me." Life was hit hard, not longing to have a long-time neighborhood representative to complain, and today I came to the meeting to listen to what TP policy is backing children, including my family. We want the TP to properly solve the problem properly, because her children suffer a lot, "she said.

By solving the complaints Thu Thiem people

According to the staff of the 2nd District National Committee, the meeting today largely invited people to have land and cleaning the house in Binh An and Binh Khanh Ward to listen to their desires before the city must. Improve the policy framework, with the aim of resolving the Thu Thiem complaints man by the content of the Government Inspectorate.

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A letter of invitation will be sent to the Ho Chi Minh City People's Meetings Hall. Many households have no call to sit outside the monitor through the screen


According to this official, after the Government Inspectorate has concluded, the authorities of Ho Chi Minh City over many periods have to face many difficulties, problems can not be completed immediately.

In order to ensure the legitimate rights of the affected people, the HCMC Party Committee, the Ho Chi Minh City National Committee's guidance, must be resolved as soon as possible.

Thu Thiem people revealed the reason for 10 years of applause

For the project Thu Thiem there are about 15,000 households in 5 departments: Binh An, Binh Khanh, An Khanh, Thu Thiem and An Loi Dong.

As soon as Mr. Nguyen Hong Diep, the head of the Central Civil Bureau, arrived at the conference hall, many residents of Thu Thiem used a visit.

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As soon as Mr Nguyen Hong Diep, head of the reception of a central citizen, was present at the meeting room, many Thiemanns took advantage of the visit.

Image: Ngoc Duong

As reported by some households, their complaints over the past 10 years. Errors in the implementation of this project have been identified since the time the complaints were filed. If the city of TP and timely resolve the situation is reasonable, people are exempt from the earth can not endure too much. Now TP got the wrong and correct, not yet late. However, households want central agencies to go along with the government of Ho Chi Minh and the peoples so that the Thu Thiema problem is soon resolved.

"We do not want to stand in vain in vain. We want to be resolved to stabilize our lives so that we will soon see Thu Thiem in order to develop into a regional financial center as the starting point and how it was expected," said the resident.

The situation is less … hot

According to PV Thanh Nien, times before people before, the situation on the site of people is pretty hot, because many people have no call yet firmly present. However, this time, the situation was smaller … hot because many people are very fit to participate. Therefore, security has no impact on the impact as before.

& # 39; Do not leave the remains of the fourth interest group Thu Thiem & # 39; - picture 5

Ms. Tran Thi My (77) with a hand in hand until 7.11am

Image: Ngoc Duong

Reception begins officially. The organizers stated that the official letter of invitation was sent by 50 households, but there are about 35 households in the reception room. Meanwhile, many households have no invitations to attend, looking through the screen.

They want people to cooperate, you agree

When the meeting started, some people's comments were dissatisfied, saying that the conclusions of the Inspectorate Inspectorate did not mention all the complaining questions. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly review the overarching problem that Thu Thiem's ​​people complain over time.

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Journalists follow and report on television screens

Image: Ngoc Duong

With these ideas, the President of the HCM Municipal Committee said that the spirit of meeting was listening to the minds and desires of the people.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Diep, the head of the Central Citizen's Reception Bureau, asked people to come to the meeting to ask people for their requests and suggestions related to the content of the conclusions, including content beyond the reach of conclusions. According to the documents, the chairman of the National Council of the City of Ho Chi Minh and the Central Committee for the Acceptance of Citizens all absorb, consider and deal with it reasonably. Today, according to the program, the meeting is still happening, so people want to cooperate, agree with the results.

Address responsibility against organizations and individuals who are beginning to commit violations

Nguyen Long Tuyen, the chief inspector of Ho Chi Minh City, considered the violations that took place on Thursday Thiem, which the Government Inspectorate concluded, and especially the problem of planning, land cleansing. Moving housing projects … has caused longstanding complaints and dismissals.

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Mr. Nguyen Long Tuyen, the chief inspector of Ho Chi Minh City – screenshots

According to the Government's Inspectorate, the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has sent relevant departments to review projects in Thu Thiem's ​​new urban area to report to the prime minister. The People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has been assigned by the Department, the People's Committee of District 2, to co-ordinate with the ministries and central audit and enforcement agencies of the Government Inspectorate.

"In particular, the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City will focus on reviewing and managing the responsibilities of organizations and individuals involved in approving planning and adaptation of land use planning, land acquisition, remuneration and resettlement … Archives of records, documents, maps … According to the Inspectorate's conclusion, before November 30, according to plans of the Ho Chi Minh City National Committee, "Tuyen said.

"We are also disappointed that the time has elapsed in resolving complaints has been avoided"

The House Representative expressed special gratitude to the Head of the Central State Citizenship Receiving Committee for accompanying persons Thu Thiem at the time of complaints and complaints.

"We are very happy that Mr. Nguyen Hong Diep was present at the meeting today, but we were disappointed that the time has come to resolve the complaint, the appeal continues," he said.

"Do not leave trunks of Th Tham's harvest interest" & # 39; - image 8

However, some people also think that if the conclusion of the 1483 Government Inspectorate announced on September 7 to resolve the complaint is not reasonable because the content of complaints by people. "Our complaints must be made clearer." Do not leave the remains of Thu Thiem's ​​interest groups alive, because if they exist, they can not solve the problem of people complaining. If we solve the problem, we can end the resolution for a month, "said the household representative at a meeting.

The proposed personal prosecution made a mistake

Continuing with the comments, household representatives said, "If you've lost heart, I want to sympathize, but I think those who are guilty, must lead to prosecution, investigate responsibility, resolve the issue clearly, only inspection, inspection is difficult to resolve, 10 years is also hard to finish.

Nguyen Hong Diep shared the desire of her children to be calm, showing respect. Whoever is wrong must be responsible, and not everyone is wrong.

He looked at the 4.3 hectare border in Quarter 1, Binh An Ward

Before the homeowners believe that their country is also located outside of the Thu Thiem border, Mr Van Van Hoan, the head of the Hochkong Minh City National Council office, said he could not be identified immediately. Mr Hoan stated that TP in the fourth quarter, Binh An Ward, concluded a 4.3 hectare border that the Government Inspectorate concluded outside of the Thu Thiem border.

"This is the work of the department, it is advised with the Government Inspectorate, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection." When it comes to conclusions, new children's advertisements, "Hoan said.

Mr. Hoan added, "There are things that have happened over a long period of time, we are those who look back and look at the report so the central agency would have an opinion." All records are still available but must be reviewed for reporting. for us. "

Request for Naming Project for Resettlement of Land for Grant

Comments from household representatives who acknowledge the good will of the president of the HCMC Human Rights Committee and current leaders of HCM City, thanks to the concerns of the heads of central bank recipients for considering and solving Thu Thiem Complaints.

It is interesting that people frankly asked TP to give the name of the project that would reset the land for the assignment. The land plans to re-evaluate why it is awarded a job, needs an adequate explanation.

& # 39; Do not leave the remains of Thu Thiem & # 39; - Picture 9

It is said that some of the streets of Binh An, Binh Khanh, and An Khanh departments are outside the planning boundaries. Meanwhile, the conclusion of the Government's Inspectorate has only said KP 1, Binh An is out of bounds. The question now is the 160-hectare relocation limit, Thu Thiem central zone. You should clarify all the complaints and propose a possible solution, as there are still many unanswered complaints. If the solution is over, the complaint will continue to arise.

At the same time, there are opinions about who is responsible for property damage, the mental damage people have suffered for years; At the same time, it is suggested that there is a strong inspection team, Th Thiem comprehensive inspection, base settlement plan, otherwise Thiem's ​​complaints do not stop.

10 Compensation Policies, People Support on Thursday

Nguyen Thanh Phong said that for a complete complement to the policy of relocation, meeting with households, the city listened to the opinions of people. Today, 10 people reported people by the head of a working group decided by the City People's Committee.

<img style = "ad-src =" "alt =" "Do not leave the remains of the survivors of Th Thiem – photo 10 & # 39; title = & # 39; Do not leave the remains of survivors Thu Thiema – photo 10 & # 39;

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hung (Chairman of the National District Council of District 2, Working Group Leader) presented 10 fundamental questions in the policy of reimbursement, resettlement policy, and support to people in the Thu Thiem New Urban Area operation.

"Do not Avoid"

After a series of households thinking, chairman of the meeting, the president of the HCM City People's Committee said, "I do not avoid the city government will not avoid it." Mr. Phong said he listened to residents' reactions to other neighborhoods (outside Binh An Ward) People thought they were not in the way. Today, she continues to listen to the direction of resolution.

After sharing the meeting leader, household representatives continue to raise their views, mainly on planning, Thu Thiem map, land clearance fees, responsibility for fish Collective leadership caused the Thiem error.

With so many opinions, Mr. Nguyen Hong Diep, co-chairman of the People's Party, once again expressed the desire to streamline people in presenting ideas, suggestions with the spirit of speakers and listeners.

It is difficult to compensate for all the shortcomings of Thu Thiema

Sharing with Thu Thiem's ​​Household Nguyen Hong Diep said that Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Vice President of Truong Hoa Binh and the Government were very interested. The State Inspectorate reviews the complaint submitted by the people in detail. However, according to Nguyen Hong Diep, we will soon be able to resolve it, we hope we will have cooperation, sharing and staging with people. In addition to the spirit of market repair, implementing new policies to ensure proper regulations and in particular to ensure the legitimate rights of affected people affected by housing. The Ho Chi Minh City National Committee has won twice, is expected once more.

Regarding the 4.3 hectare area in District 1, Binh An Ward, established by the Government Inspectorate outside the Thomson main plan, Nguyen Hong Diep said that authorities have not yet identified the term Determined sex. As a reflection of some other quarters beyond the borders, the authorities will consider.

According to Diep, it is difficult to compensate for all the shortcomings Thiem has suffered, but the job is focused on the best effort for people.

HCM President Nguyen Thanh Phong: "I'm President of the National Board, I'm not Working for People For What?"

By closing the meeting, Nguyen Thanh Phong said, "If you're wondering if I'm really up to the Tha Thiem problem or not, if it's not honest, I do not spend a lot of time listening to it carefully, and I'm going to receive the remaining 3 units, Thu Thiem, An Khanh and An Loi Dong.

According to Mr. Phong, the city has set up an implementation plan, and the work is focused, implemented immediately and will soon be publicized to the people.

There is a problem, there are some streets of Binh Khanh, An Khanh and Binh Ward, who people say, are outside the planned area of ​​Thu Thiem, as the city's leader in power, Mr. Phong said that in the spirit of listening to her sister Thu Thiem, the city will coordinate with the Government Inspectorate, central ministries, to review, test and respond to people.

Mr. Phong has confirmed that he will respond to peoples' recommendations on a comprehensive Thiem Review, and before publishing, he will also listen to people's opinions.

"I'm the president of the Ho Chi Minh City National Committee, I do not use people because what does not care about the problem of people who want it, then something more important than I have to spend time. I do not care about the problem of people, I will not have the ability to stay there responsibility.This government will do everything to solve the deficiencies of Thu Thiem people, ensuring the legitimate rights of people, "said Nguyen Thanh Phong.

Mr. Phong confirmed the government's plan, TP will strictly enforce the law. If there are errors, a consistent view is corrected.

Mr. Phong also expressed that the city always wants people to share, there is consensus in the same direction for better results, Thu Thiem problem solved soon for people to stabilize life, city authorities have time Focus on building and developing especially Thu Thiem and TP in general.

On November 7th, President of the National Committee of the NKP City Nguyen Thanh Phong in District 2 (Cát Lái, District 2, HCM City), attended the fourth Thu Thiem (quarters 2) representatives. ) Housing space affected by planning.

This meeting should improve the policy regarding the implementation of the results of the Government Inspection on this "super project".

Thu Thiem's ​​new urban space (Thu Thiem) is a "super project" with nearly 15,000 households in the area of ​​compensation and cleaning with more than 60,000 people moved.

<img style = "" data-src = "" alt = "& # 39; Do not leave survival remnants Thu Thiema & # 39; image 11 "caption ="

Since the Prime Minister signed the Decision no. 367 which approved the main plan Thu Thiem at 4.6.1996. So far, the process of official implementation of the project has been through the four generations of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Council: Vo Viet Thanh (1996-2001); Le Thanh Hai (2001 – 2006), Le Hoang Quan (2006 – 2015) and current member Nguyen Thanh Phong.

<img style = "" data-src = "" alt = "" Do not leave the remains of the survivors of Th Thiem's ​​& picture 12 "caption ="
According to the findings of the Government Inspectorate published in September last year, violations in Thu Thiem largely affected adaptation of land planning and resettlement, which occurred in the first phase of implementation. This is the cause of complaints and cancellations of tens of years.
Concerning the adjustment of the planning boundaries, the conclusions refer to Decision no. 13585 / KTST-QH of 16 September 1998 on detailed planning on the scale of 1/2000 Thu Thiem and adaptation of areas and boundaries outside the jurisdiction; Responsible directly to the chief architect, relevant departments and the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee.

<img data-src = "×105/uploaded/trunghieu/2018_11_01/img_1653_xwbi.jpg" alt = "& # 39; Do not leave the remains of Thu Thiem's ​​interest in existence & # 39; image 13 & Caption = & # 39; Do not leave survival remnants Thu Thiema & # 39; – image 13 & # 39; style = ""

Related news

Defining the 4.3 hectare boundary outside the Thu Thiem Urban Area zone

The 4.3 hectare area (District 1, Binh An Ward, District 2) recognizes the Government Inspectorate beyond the boundary of Thu Thiem's ​​new urban area. The Government Inspectorate has confirmed complaints from people who have houses and land in this area that have the basics.

For the mistake of Thu Thiem, the HCM City People's Committee assumed responsibility before the government, the prime minister, for improper implementation of the approved plan. Leaders of the National Council of Ho Chi Minh City are honestly apologized to people from Ho Chi Minh City, especially affected by the Thu Thiem households have faced many disadvantages, losses, difficult lives for many years.

Earlier in the morning, 18 October, President of the National People's Committee HCG Nguyen Thanh Phong also received the people. Listen to the views of the landlord representative in the area of ​​4.3 acres, Quarter 1, Binh An Ward (district 2).

At that meeting, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong with great seriousness and vision, with the responsibility of being the highest state administrative agency of the city, the City People's Committee found that some departments Concerned about the lack of listening does not reflect the market position and not timely resolve complaints and requests some households in place. As a result, the incident has caused a long-lasting, disturbing, skeptical behavior in some affected households.

"Once again, on behalf of the city authorities in the relevant periods, I sincerely apologize to Th Thiem's ​​residents for the mistakes and constraints of the city in the process of implementing the Thomson's new urban planning planning, I would like to share the difficulties and difficulties that I have faced. families and households to develop a city, but to leave their place where they are and have legitimate rights. I'm very sorry, "said Phong.

Nguyen Thanh Phong emphasized that TP was aware of the responsibility for debugging. Following the conclusions of the Government Inspectorate and the Government Administration, the City immediately drafted a plan for implementation, consistently determining the implementation of policies and laws on compensation, housing and land approval, ensuring legitimate interests of the people and investors concerned to continue building the Thu Thiem project successfully.

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