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6 superhero proves that DC is "stuck" no less strange

"Marvel Bright, Dark DC" – This statement has almost become an "unwritten law" in the eyes of the fans. DC marks the hearts of audiences in the context of darkness, dark film colors, heavy background music and deep human meaning. but Aquaman (2018) i Shazam! (Super Hero Shazam) has opened a bright and ridiculous direction for their new superheroes.

1. Flash

    6 superhero proves that DC can be equally blurry with Marvel - Photo 1.

Flash in comics is usually not related to funny pictures, but Warner Bros. obviously. is looking to build a "happy teen" image for this character. in League of Justice (2017), Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is a humorist and is often a "savior" character for the film.

In fact, Spider-Man's image of a shabby, inadequate social skill is played by Tom Holland. Unfortunately, Ezra Miller does not like a humorous model and writes a dark script to keep the role. However, Shazama's success was done by Warner Bros. It is difficult to support this plan.

2. Teen Titans

    6 superhero proves that DC can be equally blurry with Marvel - Photo 2.

Regardless of the TV series titans Recently released is built in a dark, stressful way, the nature of Teen Titans is always fun. If anyone ever saw an animated series about this "superhero" series Teen Titans. Teen Titans Go! the Cartoon Network channel will recognize the characteristic "blunder" of the group.

Under the guidance of Robin, Batman's powerful assistant, along with various characters such as Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Superboy, Blue Bettle, if they are built in a light, "muddy" direction. Shazam. If one day you want to put a group on a big screen, a funny style is a great choice.

3. Constantine

    6 superhero proves that DC can be equally blurry with Marvel - Photo 3.

Who says the devil can not be ridiculous? Shazam is a typical example. in Constantine (2005) or a television series of the same name, John Constantine still retains a characteristic "super-spoiled" character that combines with dark and dark tones. As an antagonist with a terrific magical power, what makes the character seem interesting is a "full" and "prudent" nature that is difficult to equalize. The sarcastic and uncompromising lines of action when faced with his demons would help Warner Bros. Make a bomb in the cashier.

4. Supergirl

    6 superhero proves that DC can be equally blurry with Marvel - Photo 4.

DC is currently planning to bring Supergirl on a big screen to replace Superman's role. And this teenage cousin is a great choice to change the color of the DCEU superhero opening. Leaving Kripton at the same time as his younger brother Kal-El, Kara lost himself in the timing bullet and came to earth late for many years.

At that time Kal-El became Superman and human identity as Clark Kent's journalist. Meanwhile, Kara is still a young woman who does not know everything on the new planet. The process of learning how to control espionage power, dealing with crimes on earth and its "humid" personality is the source of DC's endless laughter.

5. Booster Gold

    6 superhero proves that DC can be equally blurry with Marvel - Figure 5.

Booster Gold is one of the most desirable super heroes in DC. As a rugby player in the 25th century, Michael Carter lost reputation only because he was scattered. The guy decided to travel until the 25th century to become a superhero with the nickname Booster Gold. However, Michael's goal is not to fight for justice … but to be famous.

This "planner" also knows how to "make money" by printing the corporate advertising logo on her superhero clothes. There are rumors DC plans to bring Booster Gold and his best friend Blue Beetle to a big screen. If that's right, the audience will probably have the chance to hug their stomachs like Shazam.

6. Crypt

    6 superhero proves that DC can be equally blurry with Marvel - Figure 6.

This is also a potential character if DC wants to expand the universe even further after using all of the superhero brands. Introduced for the first time during Superman's Golden Age, "Krypto" is the "super dog" in the series featuring Silver Age.

The "good point" here is Krypto, the dog that Kara Jor-El raised from Kripton. "Guy" has supernatural powers and super intelligence thanks to the young sun of the country and has been chosen as Superman by Superman. Beautiful and funny story about Superman from a dog's perspective with potential for future exploitation, how much is still unknown …

Shazam! is currently being implemented throughout the country.

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