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9 questions that both experienced people also ask

The 19-year-old young man after puberty has many questions about sex and physical changes of men and women.

Sexual health specialists helped Jayesh (his name changed), a 19-year-old man asked a lot of questions about the "female body" … who wants to answer questions. of all teenagers when they get into puberty.

9 Classic Issues, Even Experienced and Curious People-1

1. Like sperm ejaculation, women also ejaculate sperm?

Women do not ejaculate, they produce only fluid when they experience orgasm.

2. If both are "pulled out" at the same time, can these two fluids mutually mutilate and have no chance of getting pregnant?

If both are "exported" at the same time, the risk of pregnancy continues to exist. Always remember that any kind of unprotected sex leads to pregnancy. Therefore, to be sure of the safest, use condoms.

3. Do Men Have Ejaculation Cycles?

There is no such thing as cyclic ejaculation. We think you're talking about cyclic ejaculation like women's menstruation. Ejaculation only reaches orgasm.

4. Pre-cum Can Cause Pregnancy?

The precision of precum (mucus secreted by the penis before ejaculation) is not high, but when it is released, it still contains sperm, so fertility is still available.

5. Suppose we use a condom, we do not have to take drugs, right?

If you use a condom properly and do not get naked, you do not have to take birth control pills.

6. What is the difference between emergency contraceptives and daily birth control pills?

Contraceptive emergency tablet can be taken 24-72 hours after unprotected sex and depending on drug efficacy. There are also medications that are taken regularly over time to avoid pregnancy. However, you must be aware that this medicine can only prevent pregnancy, but it can not prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

7. Why do people say that you should not have sex during menstruation?

Some people think that the period of menstruation is dirty so that they will not be having sex at that time. However, if the relationship is for that time, the probability of pregnancy is almost zero. For women, it is uncomfortable, even painful time, so they usually do not want sex. In addition, condoms should be used because the possibility of infection with sexually transmitted diseases is still high.

8. Is there a difference between normal circumcision and the penis when you have a sexual relationship?

There is no significant difference between normal circumcision and penis during sex. However, some studies show that men with a forearm have a greater sense of stimulation, the skin contains many sensory nerve endings.

9. Can you get HIV from oral and anal sex?

The possibilities for oral sex transmission are less likely than vaginal. However, the potential for unprotected anal transmission of HIV is much greater. It is therefore important to use a condom, even if you do not have a regular vaginal relationship.

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