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Affordable Cong Phuong is Excessive?

Affordable Cong Phuong is Excessive?

Unlimited expectations

Expectations, ambitions are never limited. Upon achieving something, people's natural desire reaches bigger, bigger things. Looking at a specific case, Cong Phuong, this expectation can be seen very clearly.

In the beginning, instead of selecting a tournament that is more moderate than the Thai league, such as two Van Lam and Xuan Truong teammates, Cong Phuong decided to try the K-League, one of the major tournaments in Asia.

At that time most fans wanted to learn a lot from their Korean teammates and foreign troops in Incheon United, through training or training, such as Xuan Truong. 2 years ago.

In essence, Cong Phuong has so far gradually adapted to his new life in Korea and met many new friends in Incheon.

Cong Phuong played five consecutive games in the K-League

When Cong Phuong gradually merged with the new team, fans still expect him to play in the K-League, though maybe from the bench. But when Congo Phuong was allowed to play only 1 minute and 20 seconds, in his first game in the K-League (Incheon won Gyongnam), the fans were disappointed. They want Cong Phuong to play more than that.

The next two games, Cong Phuong from the bench in the yard in more time than real. He was in the field from 20 minutes to 22 minutes. Consequently, three consecutive Cong Phuong meetings are allowed to enter the field, and another expectation has begun to grow. Cong Phuong must be in the initial setup.

Indeed, this desire continues to be fulfilled. Cong Phuong did not just play in one game, but was also included in Incheon's starting lineup in the last two rounds. Even in the match against Daegu, Cong Phuong even played the whole game. It was the first time in history that a Vietnamese player could do that in the K-League.

Cong Phuong played two consecutive games, far ahead of what he had to spend on the bench at Mith Hollyhock in J.League 2 three years ago.

However, Cong Phuong's expectations did not stop. They want Cong Phuong to shine in Incheon. There are even many opinions that current coach Andersen can not help Cong Phuong play well, because the long style of the game does not match Phuong's qualities. Or many of Incheon's teammates' criticisms are too poor to influence the ability of a Vietnamese player.

Until this time, this desire turns negative. Exaggerating Phuong's ability could harm itself.

Cong Phuong and Teacher's Teaching

A month ago, at a press conference, Coach Park Hang Seo said, "I told Congo Phuong at the opening ceremony in Incheon that each team would have another trainer, and the trainer and the player's request would of course be different. to have new requests for missions and tactics, therefore Cong Phuong must fully and properly meet the demands of the coach, if Cong Phuong does, he will certainly succeed in the K-League.

Coach Andersen is definitely different from the Hang Seo Coach Park. The mode of play and people in Incheon can not be like a Vietnamese team when Cong Phuong plays.

In fact, what Train Hang Seo's coach taught to Cong Phuong also pointed out that instead of changing the whole team and the philosophy of a coach to serve individuals as many people give opinions, on the contrary, I have to understand that Cong Phuong must work hard to be able to integrate into a Korean team game.

Instead of asking what Incheon has to do to keep Cong Phuong, ask Cong Phuong to help Incheon win

With what was shown on the field after the 5 games were given a chance, Cong Phuong really did have the effort. He tried to move, hold on, put pressure and create opportunities for his teammates. Coach Andersen noticed it and believed that if Phuong still tried like now, he would improve even more.
After all, Cong Phuong's past encounters realized that the K-League high-class tournament was supposed to adjust. With what Incheon creates conditions, the Cong Phuong award is worth the effort to make more effort to improve its capabilities.

That was something that, when he was three years old in Myton Hollyhock (Japan), he could not have.

Therefore, instead of exaggerating that Incheon has to make Cong Phuong a result or a glow, those views should, on the contrary, think that Cong Phuong must win Incheon, after him and his teammates. everyone loses?

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