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Asia restores entrepreneurs who insult the main: two false points – DVO

About the fiery case of businessmen who insulted the director for their repetition, July 22, they exchanged papers with Dat Viet, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan, Phu Quoc high school rector (Phu Quoc and Kien Giang districts). He said he had not received an apology from Mrs. Ho Thi Thanh Huong – Asian business women and also the director of a travel company in Phu Quoc.

"I, like a school teacher, do not need Mrs Huong's apology, but just ask later, if something happens, she has to think before she talks. At the same time, her speech must be standard, well, worth its roles and position in society, "said Toan.

Business Results: Two Errors
The content insulted by the director was written by Huong on Facebook before

According to Mr. Toan, if after this incident Mrs. Huong continued to give her daughter THGH, elementary school 11B8 in high school Phu Quoc to study at school. If the family wishes to move to another school, the school will take action to move to another school.

It is worth mentioning that in this case Mr. Toan said that statements by Mrs. Huong's journalists have two false points. The fact is that H has good behavior and that the school has no notice to parents.

"I have average behavior because I've exceeded the prescribed number of days, breaking school rules like wearing a wrong uniform, lipstick when I go to school."

As far as parents are concerned, the teacher also informed Mrs Huong. After that, she also went to meet a deputy assistant and asked for the baby and she explained very clearly to Mrs. Huong about her son's case, "Toan said.

Speaking about the information, Mrs. Huong said Mrs. H had come out of school because of illness, the headmaster said the parents stated at the time of the holiday that the reason for going to the medical treatment had no medical records. medical prescription or treatment.

The teacher added, if it is, it can not be taken into account because, as stated in Circulation 58, students should not take more than 45 free days. If a student is absent for more than 45 days, he / she will not be able to go to the next grade, regardless of whether or not he or she wants to apply.

As far as this student is concerned, he still has a good academic success, according to Mr. Toan, the school has organized for students who do not have a test for a permit with a license fee.

In a new incident situation, in the afternoon of the same day, Mrs. Huong said she had just sent a letter to the Minister of Education and Training Objects against Circumstances 58th of the meetings, according to newspaper information Nguoi Lao Dong.

Accordingly, Mrs. Huong presented the frustrations her children have, citing information from the SMAS messages she received on her children's education.

Mrs Huong wrote in her mind: "With the results I have achieved, Mrs. Huong said she was very proud of her efforts In the spirit of parenting and citizen responsibility I hope everyone has something Good lawsuits for preschoolers are good in learning, obedient and respectful of school rules, but unfortunately due to the circumstances of force majeure like my children.

In a hot minute, I wrote on that status line and said, "I was sorry for the Principal's moral and conscience and school board," but I just removed and corrected it a few hours later. correct …. I honestly never dared to look at the teachers, as proof that by this time, apart from my parents, my old teachers were still number 1, I never dared to see it usually … ".

Mrs. Huong wants her children to be re-examined, except that it is desirable to have more provisions and conditions in addition to the regulations in Circular 58 for more reasonable and appropriate.

On the other hand, in this letter, Mrs. Huong accepted the adversaries and sent an excuse to the school board, Director Nguyen Ngoc Toan.

It is well known that Mrs. Huong removed the article with disrespect of her teacher's word on Facebook. According to Mrs. Huong, in 2016 she earned the title "Business Woman".

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