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Be ready, 4 young people to find people to beat, the girl died

Friday, 30/11/2018 22:00 (GMT + 7)

After drinking, four teenagers have to go out to find people who have been beaten. As a result, one person died.

In the morning of November 30, from the Dak Lak Criminal Police Department, the police announced that he had caught a baby Eban (15 years old), Y Kuko Nie (15 years old) in the Dray Sap municipality, Kronga County (Dak Lak Province to investigate the murder.

According to the original study, nightmare 1.5, Y Trai, Y Kuko and 2 friends Y Liu Eb (17 years) and Y Kari Eban (14 years old) living together organize food and drink. After drinking, all 4 objects holding two pieces of wood about 1 m long, then let others on the road 2 block the road that will hit.

When they finished, four young people to find people to beat, the girl died - 1

Y Ebony and Ku Koi in the investigative body.

When he discovered Yd Nih Bya (in the municipality of Ea Na, county of Krong Ana), he drove a motorcycle with two girls, H & K Kal Nie and H Ju, Nie, passing through. Chase. After catching it, Y Liu used two consecutive muong to hit Y Go's head. Because of the pain, Mr. Y Go lost his balance so the car fell on the road.

At this time, four cases fled quickly, three victims were found in the crash area of ​​an emergency hospital. Specifically, Henna was seriously injured and transferred to the Daklak General Hospital, and later she died. At the forensic conclusion, H & # 39; Juen suffered from multiple injuries, cerebral cortex, severe blood clots, and cerebral edema that led to death.

Immediately after the incident, provincial police Dak Lak arrested an extraordinary state of Y Liu Eb. Only Y Kari Ebb arrived at a time when the case had not yet reached the age of 14 and should be put on hold for processing.

Drunk, the guy killed her for 75 years and raped her

After drunkenness, Giang Anh killed, then raped and robbed the assets of his 75-year-old.

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