Saturday , September 18 2021

Bill Gates Takes … Toilet Seals Introduce WCs to China

Today, people are surprised that Mr. Gates not only are successful, charitable hands in hand holding a jar … human waste. He appeared in a forum discussing the future of the WC in Beijing today, AFP quotes.

This shocking act seeks to attract people's attention to the problem affecting many developing countries around the world: inadequate toilet facilities. "In places where there is no toilet, you have more than that," said the founder of an American technology company, pointing to a transparent bottle on the desk.

"And that's what kids get when they come out, they are exposed all the time, and for that we associate it not only with the quality of life, but with disease, death and malnutrition," Gates continued.

The second richest person in the world uses some of his personal property to provide clean and comfortable sanitation facilities for nearly half of the world's population, which do not have clean sanitary nodes. "When you think about the basics that go with your health and food you eat, you will think of the right toilet," said Gates.

At the "Renewed Toilet Show" in Beijing today, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation offers innovative sanitation technologies that replace old sewerage, making it easy to fit equipment. , Among them are toilet templates available for sale after years of development. This is the idea of ​​a research project funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In the past, Bill Gates used a variety of shocking tactics to draw attention to many of the disease's efforts. In 2009, he published a mosquito at the Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference (TED) in California to address the problem of deadly malaria. He waited about a minute before informing the participants that the newly discovered mosquitoes did not carry the disease.

"China has made great progress in improving the health and well-being of millions of people. China has the opportunity to launch a number of new drainage cleaners that will benefit millions of people around the world," said Gates. The second largest economy in the world is trying to improve the quality of bathroom sanitation and smell. This is the campaign that President Xi called the "toilet revolution".

At the same event, he told Reuters: "I really believe that trade allows all countries to do the best they can. So, to say that some toilet elements are made in China, the other ingredients are made in Thailand or the United States, you really want to put all and IQs together and create the ultimate result of a good combination. "

Gates' visit took place in the midst of trade disasters in the United States. Both sides charge billions of billions of dollars of imported goods.

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