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Bloody Mansion with Money of Billionaires: a Trace of Discovery

Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 04:00 (GMT + 7)

The victims are famous figures, so the quest for the killer that caused the tragic death of Menendez was very much interested in the American public at the time.

Thirty years ago, a serious murder occurred in Beverly Hill (California, USA). Millionaire couple Jose Menendez and Kitty Menendez were brutally murdered in his gorgeous villa on August 20th, 1989. After the research effort, the secret of a bloodthirsty criminals is also revealed in the admiration of many people.

Suspect testimony

With the strange behavior of Lyle and Erika after the death of their parents, the police began questioning the two brothers, especially when Lyle's friend discovered that the two of them had called computer specialists. came on August 31, 1989 to delete the information on Kitty, but it is unlikely that the new Will will be returned to anyone.

The police then questioned Lyle and Erika about what they did on the day of the massacre. In the process of taking the testimony, Lyle showed himself very calm and answered all the questions. On the contrary, his younger brother Erik began to be confused. The young man smiled and could not sit still. The testimony must stop because Erik fainted. After awakening, Lyle and Erik calmed down and told the police what they did on August 20, 1989.

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Two brothers Erik (left) and Lyle (right)

According to testimony, in the morning of August 20, 1989, two brothers played tennis at home, and in the afternoon they went to the store in the shopping center. At about 5 pm, they gathered with friends at the local food festival. About 20 hours they went to the cinema. After watching the movie, the group went away, but these two brothers lost and lost sight. From the telephone booth they called Pery Bermana, their friend, and arranged for a meeting at Beverly Hills. After calling them Bermana, the brothers drove home, took Erik's fake ID for Erik to drink. At that time they discovered that their parents were dead.

Lyle and Erik also reported that when they got home they found themselves in the living room rising. That's why the suspicious detective Zoeller was suspicious because the police were very soon present at the scene after receiving the news, but no one found it.

Detected traces

Speaking of her parents' abnormalities, Lyle said Kitty had symptoms of anxiety, depression, and many manifestations of people who wanted to commit suicide. She locked the door, even lost several times a few years ago. Asked about the people who so brutally hated their parents to kill them, Lyle just said, "Maybe the audience wants to kill them."

Despite the investigation of Lyle and Erika, the police still could not find convincing evidence. On March 5, 1990, the case began to evolve when a woman named Judalon Smyth came to report to the police that her lover – Dr. Jerome Oziel had tapes with 2 therapies. Menendez brothers.

Three days later, Detective Zoeller searched Dr. Jerome Oziel's office and seized 17 strips and 7 pages of footnotes about Lyle and Eric.

After Testimony of Jerome Oziel, Erik called his brother Lyle after police had been questioned. However, Lyle did not catch the phone. Erik so called Jerome Oziel, who was his psychiatrist, to make him confused. The young man visited Dr Oziela on October 31st. Here Oziel and Erik walk around Beverly Hills. Oziel tries to convince Erika to say hard words buried in his heart, but Erik remains indecisive.

Until he returned to his office, Erik stopped suddenly. After taking a deep breath, Erik said things that helped the detectives to reveal the secret of what happened on August 20th, 1989.


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