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Cat Phuong was criticized for acting "ungainly" when Hong Van talked about the funeral of NS Anh Vu

Monday, April 8, 2019 16:05 (GMT + 7)

A very small act of Cat Phuong, the netizens misunderstood and deliberately exaggerated, making her very upset.

Cat Phuong was criticized for her action & # 34; when Hong Van told about the funeral of NS Anh Vu - 1

Artist Hong Van (the far right) came to surrender mother to his late mother Anh Vu to donate the money people sent to his family

The astonishing departure of actor Anha Vua at 47 has made compassion for his audience and colleagues. For the last time, artist Hong Van – a close friend of late artist Anha Vau has always followed all the donations, preparing the consequences.

Recently on a personal page, Hong Van updated his information and pictures and Minh Nhi for the Anh Vu house to support everyone's support to the artist's mother.

Hong Van wrote: "Come to my house today to comfort my mother, talk about the funeral plan for me and give me the hearts of my fellow and close and distant audiences … almost 700 million in 2/3 of the coin money for me from the south to the north, inside and outside the country to see how many people love … How can I stop tears when I get to a simple house where I live my parents …

Mom cried and said her wish was to fix a cold cheek house and eat it to her parents so that the show was large or small, inside or outside the country Vu had, although the health was not good. .. Meals Vu go to America with a 25/4 child contract.

My mother drowned and could no longer speak …. Baby Dung suffocated the youngest sister: I said that if you stop being healthy, there will be nothing to eat at home but you will not listen … I just want to fix a home for parents so your parents can to live longer … Do you read Vu? So why are you going in front of your parents Vu? We look forward to meeting you again.

Cat Phuong was criticized for her action & # 34; when Hong Van talked about the funeral homes of NS Anh Vu - 3

Cat Phuong did not write, but used the icon in the post of Hong Van, which caused the uninitiated to criticize

Below the Hong Van stand, many comments voiced anxiety for actress Anh Vu and expressed their gratitude, gratitude and praise for the beautiful gesture of Hong Van.

Actress Van Dung honestly wrote: "Thank you very much, I was worried about Mr. Vau on behalf of the brothers Nam Bac. I love him very much, sister."

Singer Nam Cuong has asked Hona Vana permission to send a message to his late brother: "Every tree is a flower, every house is a scene, everyone has hidden angles, distinct circumstances, especially artists, only show the most beautiful, most entertaining and take away the rest of their own night.

Mr. Vu has gone quietly, he also hopes that those who stay and his family will also look back and remember the most fun things he has brought into this life.

They also share my feelings before I make the meaning of Hong Van, but instead of giving up the word of trust, actress Cat Phuong has released an icon of a smiling face with a heartbeat – a common image Used in funny, fun contexts and contexts.

Specifically, leaving the icon below the article about the funeral of the late artist Anha Vau, it is said that he is not serious and unharmed. Most of the netizens expressed their bitterness because of the icon Cat Phuong left. Many people criticized Cat Phuonga for having had an inconvenient and unsuitable action to share the loss of an artist's family.

Cat Phuong was criticized for her action & # 34; when Hong Van talked about the funeral homes of NS Anh Vu - 4

Cat Phuong spoke, but users have not yet agreed with her explanation

Soon after encountering a fierce reckless reaction, Cat Phuong recently wrote an explanation below her icon in Hong Van's post. Consequently, she stated that she just wanted to express her gratitude, and felt happy when the artist Hong Van was worried about everything.

Cat Phuong wrote: "If I let my face be exhausted, please let me know, ask for brainstorming." Mr Huu Chau also uses his face and smile icon, and will not create a karma for gentle humanity. "

After sharing Cat Phuong, many netizens have still expressed dissatisfaction with her attitude. However, many spectators expressed their sympathy and advocated Cat Phunga when they thought people would simply talk to the story.

A billionaire singer did not pass $ 10,000 to bring NS Anh Anh's body to the ground?

He did not want to share in order to escape the noise, but then Ha Phuong had to speak to remove all the doubts.

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