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Continuing the negotiations, Trump announced that "America is victorious in China".

The US president said Washington was victorious in a trade war due to an unparalleled economy.

At the press conference on his visit to Korea after attending the G20 Summit, President Donald Trump continued to confirm that the US was on the verge of winning a trade war with China. Mr Trump's statement just a day later made a temporary deed at a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

According to Mr. Trump, the Fed does not help Washington in a trade war with China. "However, we win, we get big, because we are creating an economy that is not the same," the US president said.

US President Donald Trump at Thuong Dinh in Japan on June 29. Photo: Bloomberg

US President Donald Trump at the summit in Japan on June 29. photo: Bloomberg

The White House is yet to reveal details of Trump's agreement with Xi and how the two countries will continue. After yesterday's meeting, Mr. Trump said he did not raise additional $ 300 billion in Chinese commodity taxes and allowed Huawei to buy equipment from US technology companies.

Trump's move caused many criticisms in the United States when many Congress members agreed with the government's assessment that Huawei was a threat to national security and did not want to see the company as a "chip" for negotiations. In May, the US Department of Commerce placed Huawei on a black list, banning the purchase of US companies.

US officials have accused China of having spied on Huawei. However, Huawei denied it.

"If President Trump agreed to lift the ban on Huawei, he made a serious mistake," said Republican Senator Marco Rubio on social media.

In addition to agreeing with the resumption of negotiations, Trump said, Xi also accepted the purchase of large amounts of US agricultural products. However, the official Chinese media say Trump hopes that China will buy more US goods as part of the bill.

Mr Trump has repeatedly confirmed that China must bear the costs of increasing the export tax for goods in the United States. He also rejected the arguments of economists that these additional taxes were paid by US companies and consumers in the form of higher prices.

"China devalued the money to reduce the effect of customs," he said. to follow BloombergLast year, the yuan fell sharply in relation to the dollar, helping to neutralize some of the effects of Trump's tax policy. However, Chinese officials believe that the yuan is devalued by the influence of the market.

Trump also often complained to the Fed and President Jerome Powell about raising interest rates last year. At a policy meeting earlier this month, the operator announced that it might consider lowering interest rates from now until the end of the year if the economy weakens.

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