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Direct football Binh Duong

Monday, April 8, 2019 at 16:42 (GMT + 7)

(Direct Football, Binh Duong – Viettel, Round 4 of the V-League in 2019) and Binh Duong and Viettel are ready for an attack on the opposing opponent.

Live Football Binh Duong - Viettel: Continuously Missed - 1 0 – 0 Direct football Binh Duong - Viettel: Continuously missed - 2
Bình Dương Viettel


VRUĆE: 45 + 1

CONGRESS 1 END. Two teams withdrew with the score 0-0.

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Team competition

Binh Duong: Duc Cuong, Ho Tan Tai, Anh Tai, Wanda Luiz, Le Tan Tai, Dong Trie, Tuan Canh, Shumeiko Veniamin, Sy Giap, Van Vu, Rabo Ali

Viet Nam: Taj, Bui Tien Dung, Minh Tuan, Duy Thuong, Ngoc Sin, Viet Phong, Duc Chien, Hoang Duc, Tien Anh, Kayo Sanches, Gustavo Santos

1 & # 39;

STAR STARTER. Binh Duong serves as a ball.

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WINS IS NOT AWARDED. Gustavo from Viettel sends the ball into the box but the keeper saves the ball into the penalty area, Binh Duong.

7 & # 39;

DO NOT. Binh Duong has a good organization, unfortunately, lacking the speed in the position of placing the ball.

11 & # 39;

NIJE U. Binh Duong had a free kick, Le Tan Tai played well, causing Viettel to score a goal.

14 & # 39;

PUSHING. Binha Duonga players stood behind the junction at a very short distance from Vu Minh Tuan. Unfortunately, the ball went fouled by the Viettela fan.

21 & # 39;

Actual length. Binh Duong has the right to an extra penalty, but the home team failed to use it successfully.

26 & # 39;

NIJE U. The home team is still better than the game. They enjoyed a free kick, and that Van Vu was relatively good. The world player played uncertainly, causing Viettel to face a dangerous situation.

30 & # 39;

PUSHING. Viettel has an extremely dangerous counterattack. Unfortunately, when the front was fouled, the Vietnamese fong attacker ended it incorrectly.

33 & # 39;

DANGER! The Viettel master made a mistake and made it possible for Ho Sy Giap to face the goal. However, Binh Duong's striker missed pity.

38 & # 39;

DO NOT. Binh Duong wants to break through in the box, and after that. However, the home team was not successful.

42 & # 39;

NO WITNESS FOR VIETNEL. The team has a very tough stage on the ball. The counterattack by Hoang Ducu was nibbled by the lob's and Binha Duonga's shot went just wide.

45 & # 39;


45 + 1

CONGRESS 1 END. Two teams withdrew with the score 0-0.

Video Binh Duong Wins 2-1 in Myanmar vs. Shan United in AFC Cup April 3:

Problem Tan Truong with Binh Duong

The absence of Tan Truong, who lastly caused the noise, did not bother B.BD because they had a very solid Duc Cuong in the wooden frame. Temporary coach Tran Thanh Son can be sure of having the best players at this time. It is important to arrange the way B.BD plays before Viettel, who is considered a "middleweight" opponent.

Viettel Takes a Fee?

Viettel has a rather powerful firepower with Minh Tuan, Kyo and Hoang Duc. But in the middle of the pitch there was still no player who could keep the match and regulate the pace of the match. This is also the reason why defense lines are always faced with direct attacks.

He defeated Binh Duong

At Go Dau yard, Thu team decided to find the joy of taking fourth place in Saigon on this year's V-League table in the context of their missing teammate Que Ngoc Hai due to the suspension.

Binh Duong currently has 4 points after 3 matches, more than one point compared to Viettel. In the previous game, the Squadron team played 0-2 against Hanoi FC and they certainly did not want to leave Go Dau with another defeat. Because if that happens, Viettel will push into a difficult position with the teams in the lower group.

Viettel escapes from the group "holding red lights"

Viettel currently has 3 points after 3 matches, ranked 11th. They have the same result as Khanh Hoa – the team is ranked at 12th place, the position being an equivalent play-off rate. Viettel currently has just over two teams, namely Thanh Hoa and Quang Nam with 1 point.

Que Ngoc Hai is absent, worried about visitors

The defeat in the main derby with Hanoi in third round of the league, V9 2019 on March 6, has made Viettel even more at risk when the soccer star Que Ngoc Hai was suspended by the Vietnamese Football Association (VFF). a fine of 20 million VNDs for committing malicious actions with defendant Trano Van Kien from the defenders.

Ngoc Hai will be out of Binh Duong's Go Dau stadium this afternoon, and Korea's Lee Heung-Sil will fight to find a replacement for Nghe An players in this game and the rest. next match.

Binh Duong: "After rain, it's great again"

ago V-League 2019 Back, Binh Duong had an unpleasant month. From the story of goalkeeper Tan Truong, who was too embarrassed to lose Ceres at the AFC Cup in 2019, Inter coach and coach Tran Minh Chien resigned because it was allegedly in conflict with old striker Anh Ducom.

In the context of "chaos as chatter", unexpectedly, Thua team won 2-1 on the Myanmar – Shan United 2019 AFC Cup team to reinvigorate fans. It was a message of Binh Duong, when there were no negative contradictions, it was a scary collective.

Live Football Binh Duong - Viettel: Continuously Missed - 5

Binh Duong had an unexpected victory in Myanmar and met Shan United in AFC Cup 2019 (photo source: Facebook Club)

In the V-League arena, the former Vietnamese football king has also hit so badly when he won 4 points in the last 3 games. The only victory of Binh Duong was on the domestic court against the opponent of SHB Da Nang. This time they decided to win Viettel to jump 8th to 4th in Saigon.

At that time, the two teams had 7 points, but Viettel will surely surpass the goal – lose against the current Saigon (+1) after the team just joined HCM City 0-0 in the derby in the field. best.

Viettel: When a beginner does not know his strength

In this fourth round, Binh Duong received Viettel's beginner. The team is considered to be the "All Beggars" with strong investments this season, but the crude reality shows that they still have a certain distance with the strong opponents in the 2016 V-League.

Viettel lost the heart of the dress before Danang, the defending champion in Hanoi, and only won the Thanh Hoa crisis. The performance built by Lee Heung-sil is not really clear. When encountered with an experienced opponent such as Binh Duong, there will be some limitations and this will be a tough match for Viettel.

SLNA was badly lost in Hang Du, beautiful fans in Ngheu and beyond

There were about 7,000 fans of SLNA who came to support their team at Hang Dam.

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