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Do not dare to go out on the road because of the weird web of "half-truth"

Thursday, 31 January 2019 to 22:00 (GMT + 7)

Some websites reported that the girl was arrested for buying and selling drugs.

In the afternoon of January 31st, Pham Ngo Anh Tam, aged 19, lived in Bac Lieu, thinking of the situation of journalists who were unjustly reported on drug trafficking websites. "I've seen sites reporting that they were arrested for illegal storage, buying and selling narcotics, but they did not have a phone number they can answer, but I do not dare to go out now and I do not know how to fix the news. I violate the law, but I do not see this site clearly published – the girl said.

Do not dare go to the street because the weird network has been announced

Right, the right cover does not dare to go to the street because a network is being arrested for drug use (the Internet).

Attached to the above information, Anh Tam sent us a decision to release the police administration at Bac Lie's police investigation.

According to this Decree, on January 26, 2016, provincial police Bac Lieu arrested a group of people who committed crimes for the illegal possession of narcotics, including Pham Ngo Anh Tam. However, after the investigation, police officer Bac Lieu said that the behavior of the Center involved in this case is not enough to represent criminals, so the decision to release the next day, January 27, 2019.

However, some websites reported that Tam was arrested with his assistants for illegal possession and purchase of narcotics without any subsequent information. Specifically, there is a Tintuc.vn private company web site on technology solutions, licensed by the Information and Communications Department, without specifying where the province is located. And a site named News 24h but has no control body and has no phone number, but only "test site".

The girl said she consulted with a lawyer and would send a request to the authorities in the Bac Lieu province for help.

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