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Eating cancers, many Vietnamese people are doing Eva Kitchen daily

Many people believe that cooking will be extremely safe for health. However, if you cook this way, it can make you and your family have many extremely dangerous types of cancer.

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Use fried oil and fry many times

To save money, many people often use cooking oil many times. It is a very harmful health mistake, the risk of cancer is very high. When the cooking oil is heated many times, the chemical composition of the oil changes: Vitamins A, E and some nutrients are oiled, and some toxins such as aldehydes and fatty acid oxides appear. These substances, when entering the body, will destroy digestive enzymes that cause digestive disorders, causing headaches, dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, high blood pressure.

Abuse of Grill Meals

In bakery products containing HCAs, also known as heterocyclic amines, is the toxic chemical causative agent of cancer. Especially when meat is baked, fat in the meat is melted to coal, causing toxic smoke in a piece of meat that will easily create carcinogens and respiratory diseases. Black burned parts contain most of the cancerous chemicals and remove them before eating.

Let the cooking oil heat up to the smoke when it is fed, fry it

Some people have the habit of frying, frying in the pan with the idea that hot oil will make food even more tasty. However, when cooking oil is smoke, the oil temperature is then over 200 degrees C. High temperature not only destroys the antioxidative effect of oils and nutrients in food, but also produces causes of peroxide cancer.

Cook for too long

In any case, excessive cooking or excessive fire will cause a change in the nature of carbohydrates and fats, causing carcinogens. For example, the soup, if it is too hot to boil and boil, not only causes the destruction of many vitamins, but also makes the content of toxic and thicker substances, and cooking the old fire. Cause of cancer.

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Done, do not follow the pot, but continue to cook another dish

Many people save time or see the pot is still clean after cooking the dish first, do not clean the pot but still cook another dish. Looking at the senses, the pot looks clean, but in fact the surface holds on the fat and feeds it. This fat and the rest of the food, once processed at high temperatures, can once again produce benzopyriden, which causes cancer. Experts recommend taking some time to clean the bowl before preparing other meals to ensure your health and safety for you and your family.

There is no choice of suitable cooking oil

Many people think that all oil on the market is the same. But that's totally wrong. Accordingly, less reputable brands or self-produced edible oils are sold at high prices, which are probably caused by insecure and dirty materials. They contain a lot of aflatoxins that are carcinogenic # 1 for the body.

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Cover when you cook fry

Have the food fry faster and smoother than housewives often covering the pot while frying the fries. But this is a habit that needs to be removed because it not only causes loss of nutrients in food, but also harms the health of the whole family.

While cooking, although you are careful, you can not avoid producing large amounts of smoke – the process of cooking oil and food at high temperatures.

Many studies have shown that smoke oil is harmful to health, such as smoke, if it is inhaled, causing symptoms such as nausea, chest pain and headache. Long-term there is a high risk of lung cancer.

To prevent this, practice the lid-opening habit while cooking, and the kitchen should also be ventilated by opening the window or by installing the exhaust system hood.

Fried potatoes and starch

Science has proven that high-carbohydrate foods with little protein, such as potatoes, bread, etc. When exposed to high cooking temperatures, they produce acrylamide, severe intestinal cancer.

Use pots and pots that do not bake at high temperatures

Pans and pans with non-greasy substances are very useful for cooking. At normal temperatures, these non-sticky agents are not harmful to health, but when they heat up from 300 ° C to 500 ° C, this inadequate compound will create a smoke layer containing perfluoroisobutylene complexes, perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA and carbonyl chloride causing cancer.

When bonding pots and pastes are used, metal tools should not be used for mixing, mixing or scraping because they will accidentally scratch the non-sticky surface, making the substance to be adhered to foods that are detrimental to health. health.

Sausages, salted meat, ham chips cooked and roasted

Sausages, bacon, ham (ham) often contain plenty of salts, cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, and diseases related to lipid metabolism in the blood. Do not eat fried foods because they contain ammonium nitrate, if it is roasted, roasted will produce carcinogenic substances.

You are going to eat, so avoid calling these 3 famous vegetables because it is very dirty, the restaurant is not sure to wash

Although tasty and nutritious, but due to its clean surface, many restaurants were lazy to wash before processing.

According to Quang An (Tien Phong)

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