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EVN collects 290,000 billion VND of electricity sales in 2017

On the announcement of the cost of electricity production and trading in Vietnam by the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) on November 30, Mr. Tran Tue Quang – Deputy Director of the Electricity Regulatory Authority (Ministry of Industry and Commerce) 2017 commercial electricity production is nearly 175 billion kWh .

Electricity is nearly 290 trillion barrels, which corresponds to an average selling price of 1,660 dong per kWh. The total cost of electricity production and trading amounted to almost 291.3 billion billion VND, of which 220.910 billion VND came from electricity generation. transfer almost 18,000 billion euros; Retail – about 51.250 billion …

Thus, the cost of electricity generation in 2017 is 1.667 VND per kWh, which is 0.15% more than 2016. For the whole year of 2017, EVN has almost 27.3 billion billion euros of production and business electricity.

According to Quang, the hydrological situation reduces the cost of electricity production, but the price of coal increased by 5.7% plus DO, and FO increased by 22% and 33% respectively. At the same time, the exchange rate increased by 1.56% compared to 2016 … so the production cost per kWh of EVN was increased.

However, Mr. Quang said that there are still more than 5,000 billion barrels still not included in the price of electricity production in 2017. Of this, exchange rate differences were not included in the cost of production of the National Transmission Corporation more than 1,940 billion; Exchange rate difference is more than 3,071 billion.

In addition, differences in the exchange rate for electricity purchase contracts in production units of previous years are not yet included in electricity prices.

Hanoi Power Workers fix the line. Image: Ngoc Thanh

Hanoi Power Workers fix the line. Image: Ngoc Thanh

Earlier in September, Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Do Thang Hai said that retail electricity prices could be adjusted in 2019, due to the total expense in 2018 and 2019. EVN is about 20.735 billion euros.

The latest retail price is 1.12.2017. Accordingly, each electricity kWh increased to 1,720.65 VND (excluding VAT), which equals an increase of 6.08% compared to the previous one. Despite the high world oil prices, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce closely monitored world oil and gas prices and regulated domestic oil prices in accordance with Regulation 83 and used the stabilization fund properly. the price with the appropriate dose.

"In the event of major changes in gas and oil prices, it is necessary to take into account the temporal deduction of the fund for a certain period of time in order to contribute to the stabilization of gas and oil prices in the country", the steering committee chairman directed the price.

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