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From the victory over the general Vietnamese U23 to the hero of the continent

Thursday, January 31, 2019 16:05 (GMT + 7)

Almoez Ali – the cathedral star shines gloriously with the goal of contributing 2019 to the home team of the Asian Cup in the last semi-finals defeated by the Vietnamese Champion in the U23 Hang Seo Park a year ago.

Video gol Almoez Alija for Qatar U23 when he met U23 Vietnam in U23 2018 semi-final tournament:

"Rain of the Goals" was played in the Asian Cup semi-finals this year when the extraordinary Japanese on January 28 in Al Ain defeated Iran 3: 0, but only a day later the UAE owner lost the carpet. 0-4 against Qatar in Abu Dhabi.

To a great extent contribute to the journey to the finals of continent number 1 in Qatar Almoez AliThe attacker in the No. 19 team scored a goal against UAE in 37 minutes to score 2-0 for the team name "Maroons" in the top game. Yard Mohamed bin Zayed in Abu Dhabi on January 29th.

1st Asia Cup: From Victory Over General U23 Vietnam to Hero of the Continent - 1

Almoez Ali (No. 19) will soon become the "Asian Cup 2019 Shooter"

That was the eighth goal Almoez Ali In 2019, he has more than three opponents, Sardar Azmoun (Iranian), Yuya Osako (Japan), Ali Mabkhout (UAE) and Eldor Shomurod (Uzbekistan Tel) and four goals.

Currently, with Qatar Tel and Japan who win the right to play the second day of finals at Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi, only Yuya Osako is the only chance to compete for the "Scorer" title. "Asian cup this time with Ali."

However, the opportunity for a Japanese invader to equalize the current 4 goals between two people is very small. Almoez Ali He will almost certainly be the "Asian Cup 2019 Shooter" and can be chosen for the "best player" of this tournament if the Qatar team wins.

Remember, more than a year ago, on January 23, 2018, on the U23 semi-finals of the U23 last season at the Changzhou (China) stadium, Almoez Ali scored 2-1 to U23. Qatar met with U23 Vietnam in 87 minutes.

But then, just a minute later, Quang Hai ran perfectly and finished the equalizer to equalize 2-2 for us in the first half, before Hanga Seo's teacher passed the enemy of West Asia in the shooting. The result was 4-3 after the decision of 11 meters, and the celebration went to the history of Van Van Thanha.

Now, after a year, Almoez Ali has grown enormously in Qatar. The Sudanese attacker entered the history of the Asian Cup, balancing a record eight goals in the same league of legendary Iranian striker Alija Daei.

This is not the only impressive achievement for Almoez Ali in this year's tournament. In the group stage game, Qatar won the DPRK 6-0. In this victory, Ali set a poker strike (he scored 4 goals) to become one of the players who scored 4 or more goals in the Asian Cup 2019. Before Almoez Ali, many players scored 4 goals in 1 match as which are Ali Daei (Iran, Asian Cup 1996), Ismaeel Abdullatif (Bahrain, Asian Cup 2011) and Hamza Al Dardour (Jordan, Asian Cup 2015).

This impressive achievement has also helped this 22-year-old striker in history as the first Qatar player to place the top poker tournament on the continent at the team level.

Having lost the Asian cup, Iran intends to shock Mourinho-Zidan

Iran Tel has just been removed from the 2019 Asian Cup and determined to reform with a big name.

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