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Giang Ho lends big interest loans to companies in Saigon

Chau and juniors each month borrow 20-30% interest, legalize renting a car; using wastes, shrimp sauce for terrorist debtors.

More than 20 people in two bands led by Le Ngoc Chau (36, Hai Phong) and Phung Anh Tuan (37, resident of Nam Dinha) were arrested on January 30 by police in Ho Chi Minh. you He guaraned a big interest in bourgeois transactions.

All northwesters are arrested, arriving in Saigon since 2016. After a long time of observation, more than a month ago, many scouts rushed to check the car and pawnshop rentals at Ba Thang Hai (District 10) Chau's director. Almost 100 records on car rental, many tools, weapons … seized.

Chau (left) and one of the favorite juniors. Photo: police give,

Chau (left) and one of the favorite juniors. photo: Police give,

Police have determined that Chau's tenants actually borrow from 20 to 30% a month. Chau loaned the loan to a car lease; keep a personal ID card, a home registry book … debts to believe.

On the day of interest payment, borrowers come to this store to pay. If not in time, a group of Chau's tattooed juniors wandered to the home of terrorist debtors. In April 2016, Mrs. Truong stayed in district 6 without paying interest and turned around. Four young men were excavated, found in the 7th district and then brought them to the headquarters of the company who overcame, forced to write debt with the greater amount.

"This group has set up a business to hide the black credit activity. The record collected here represents the original amount of more than 500 million dong, but every month the respondents get about 150 million dong," one investigating officer.

Similarly, Three branches of the telephone business, notebooks in Districts 8, 9 and Binh Thanh were also reviewed, deprive many entries of the purchase of records. Working with the police, buyers acknowledge that they actually borrow money from these stores, with interest rates of 20-30% per month.

"Both gangs have a script to deal with bad debtors, initially using shrimp, wastewater, paint … to terrorize the debt or knock money to raise money," said the investigator.

According to Major General Phan Anh Minh (Deputy Chief of Police in Ho Chi Minh), more than 800 people are illegally lending and violating interest rates. In which more than two thirds of people in northern provinces have bad identities, they are searching and searching.

By the end of 2018, 320 people were registered, but most could only sanction administrative violations, such as non-registration of temporary residence, which caused public nuisance. The convicted gang was prosecuted and detained.

The crime of lending big interest for bourgeois transactions.

1. Any person in a civil transaction lending at a rate of 5 times or more than the highest interest rate prescribed by the Civil Code, an unlawful profit of 30 million to less than 100 million VND; or are administratively punished for such conduct; or if they are convicted for the crime and have not yet removed the criminal records, but also violated, they will be fined 50 to 200 million dong; or a fine without a prison sentence of up to 3 years.

2. Having committed a criminal offense with an unlawful profit of 100 million VND or more, a fine ranging from 200 million to one billion in fines or imprisonment for six months to three years shall be imposed.

3. A fine of 30 to 100 million denars may be imposed on the offender, a ban on performing certain tasks, performing certain occupations or performing certain tasks for a period of one to five years.

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