Tuesday , May 18 2021

Great in the V-league, Mac Hong Quan is waiting to mark with Coach Park Hang Seo

In the last two wins of Than Quang Ninh in the V-League, ahead of Thanh Ho's second-placed and former V-League champions Quang Nam and Mac Hong Quan each scored 1 goal, greatly contributing to the war. Mini Team Winner.

In fact, the performance of Mac Hong Quan had signs of recovery since the end of last season, recovering from the era when the Vietnamese team was wearing.

Quang Ninh is one of the most stable teams in the V-League last season, and Mac Hong Quan is one of the most stable players in Phan Thanh Hunga's team.

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Vietnamese players from Hong Kong in Vietnam are in good form in the V-League

The significant difference between Mac Hong Quan at this time compared to the time he was led by Hoang Van Phuca and Miura (Japanese) is that he plays in the position of an attacker, before here is a medieval rock.

It seems that the Red Army's new position is more promoted, as it does not have to abandon the posture, often turning back to the rival goal, such as playing in the foreground, and the scope of the action at the same time. widening, helping Mac Hong Quan to promote technical abilities, tactical labels, ability to occupy space and end, as well as its physical strength.

This year, 27 years, in the Golden Age of the player, Mac Hong Quan is now more comprehensive, more mature than before understandable.

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The ability to return to the team can be opened with this player if they continue to maintain high performance

In fact, the position of the attacker Mac Hong Quana already had a certain number of players who recorded the national team. But the performance of the player is not always good.

In the context that Luong Xuan Truong (Burirram United) showed signs of slowing down at the age of 23, and Hoang Duc (Viettel) still needs more experience (in terms of representation), all the money of the Second Forward Defense if you achieve a good V- the league will have opportunities in the team.

Furthermore, the national team is more competitive, the team's overall quality is better. Mac Hong Quan, however, is a type of experienced player, a good bodybuilder (high 1m80), who is not afraid of midfielder players who play favorably at opposing muscles and will still be a bad choice for team competitiveness. employment.

Every player's progress is precious, Mac Hong Quan is probably no exception. Mac Hong Quan or any other player, if in the near future can keep a high level in the V-League, the Hang Seo Park Coach will probably pay attention and supplement the Vietnam World Cup qualifying round 2022 not too small!

Kim Dien

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