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"Hot" during the week ": public opinion" disturbing "because Asanzo;

"Boss" Asanzo said: 70-80% of the hardware of television products imported from abroad

Hot in the week: public opinion

Mr. Pham Van Tam, Chairman of the Asanzo Group's Joint Stock Company, presented process tables for board assemblies, downloading software to prove what he said. Photo: Dai Viet

On June 23, Mr. Pham Van Tam, CEO of Asanzo Group, said Asanz's business objective is to bring Vietnamese consumers with quality products, air conditioners and reasonable prices.

To this end, Asanzo uses components and materials from domestic and foreign countries. Including components and materials from China and Taiwan for making TV sets and air conditioners.

According to Mr. Tam, many large electronics manufacturers in the world also import components from abroad. In particular, China is a "paradise" of goods imported by the electronics company.

Currently 70-80% of Asanz's hardware is imported from abroad and the rest is produced in the country. Especially television software is being investigated and produced entirely in Vietnam.

Explaining the ad text of the "Top of Japanese Technology," Mr Tam said, this line means a production line in a factory controlled by Japanese technology. These are technologies transmitted by Japanese experts. Specifically, this technology will control the flow of products, control the standards of hygiene plates and colors … to see if they are safe or not.

The prime minister asked him to check if Assanzo imported Chinese goods with the Vietnam mark

Hot in the week: public opinion

The prime minister has requested verification, investigating the fact that Asanzo is accused of joining other countries to add the Vietnamese mark

The Prime Minister has just assigned the Ministry of Finance – the Permanent Bureau of the National Steering Committee 389 to chair and co-ordinate with the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the relevant agencies to immediately check and validate information in the press. reflect the incident Asanzo Electronics joint-stock company imports of products manufactured in other countries with Vietnam-based label for sale in Vietnam market, clarifying violations to strictly comply with the provisions of the law. .

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade direct functional agencies (customs, market management …) to review the implementation of state administration and responsibilities and tasks assigned in this case, review and clarify responsibilities in accordance with the law.

The Prime Minister has asked the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to urgently accomplish these tasks and submit a report to the Prime Minister on the results by July 30, 2019.

Economist: Do not put emotions on your head in dealing with Chinese partners!

Hot in the week: public opinion

In the view that the trade war will help Vietnam to have more motivation for diversification of the economy, less reliance on China, Mr. Vo Tri Thanh said that it is necessary to deeperer recognize this issue.

According to Dr. In Tri Thanh, the former Deputy Director of the Research Institute, manages the central economy, in an open environment with the outside world (an important part set by international obligations such as free trade agreements), companies have the right to choose, take initiative in collaboration with whom to choose which market.

"They are the ones who understand what they need, who they can work and how to get the most benefit," said Thanh, saying he did not like to apply "love and hate" sensitively. in trade and investment relations.

Mr. Thanh said: Vietnam – China has very deep economic relations. "Many thousands of Vietnamese companies are connected to the Chinese market. When you work with any partner, you need to have a "cold" head.

Say "hate" who should not cooperate, and not working with that person is not good. Working with your head, thinking, not just emotions – added Mr. Thanh. China is a big market. If it is only economical, every company wants to focus on the huge market of these billions of people.

Vietnam – The EU will soon sign a Free Trade Agreement that brings great benefits

Hot in the week: public opinion

The agreement brings great advantages to Vietnam and the EU

The Council of Ministers of the EU ratified the Free Trade Agreement between the Free Trade Agreement and the EU-Vietnam Trade Agreement on June 25, and the EU and Vietnam representatives will sign the agreement. currently 30 June.

The agreements are designed to bring unprecedented benefits to European and Vietnamese companies, consumers and workers, while promoting respect for labor rights, environmental protection and the fight against climate change within the framework of the Paris Accords.

The Trade Agreement will eliminate virtually all customs duties on goods traded between the two sides in a progressive manner, with full respect for Vietnam's development needs.

The agreement also has special provisions for removing technical barriers, such as car problems, and will ensure that 169 traditional European food and beverage products are recognized as Instructions. Vietnam-protected geography.

Thanks to the agreement, EU companies will also be able to participate in a procurement bid in Vietnam on an equal footing with domestic companies.

Vinalines reported a cumulative loss of about 3.000 billion dinars before the first meeting of shareholders

Hot in the week: public opinion

Vinalines recorded pre-tax profits in the first quarter of 2019, but still recorded losses after tax, while revenue fell by 10% in the same period.

Vinalines expects to hold the first meeting of the General Assembly of Shareholders on July 29, 2019, one month later than expected on June 24th.

Financial Results for the first quarter of 2019, Vinalines, showed that on March 31 this company had 26,218 billion dong of total assets (dropping by more than 140 billion dong compared to the beginning of the year). In which short-term assets at this time reached 8,717.3 billion dong.

Liabilities in the first three months of this year also reduced 106.5 billion CGUs to 17.124,8 billion CGUs at the end of March, but the debts increased to 9,457.3 billion CGUs, exceeding the value of short-term assets. term.

Vitranschart sales together with ship liquidation despite substantial support for Vinalines' business results, but has not yet "saved" this corporation to avoid losses in the first quarter of 2019.

This total loss after tax loss amounted to 29.7 billion VND in the first quarter of 2019, and the net loss attributable to the parent company was 57.5 billion VND, thus accumulating the loss increased to 31 March 2019 . VND 2.990.4 billion.

A number of incidents have occurred, EVN warned of the possibility of power failure in many places

Hot in the week: public opinion

Forest fire in Ha Tinhu leads to complete separation of power systems North and Central and South

According to EVN, due to the prolonged widespread weather conditions in the northern and central regions, the demand for additional burdens dramatically increased.

Meanwhile, some northern power stations with a total capacity of over 2000 MW can not be mobilized for various reasons, such as some units of Son Dong, Cam Pha and Hai Phong plants. , Quang Ninh and Uong Bi have suffered an incident.

Thermocouple Mong Duong 1 and Mong Duong 2 have been reduced due to increased amount of cooling water due to hot weather, and Vung Ang thermoelectricity is a shortage of coal.

At the same time, the large hydro power reservoirs on the River Da (Son La and Hoa Binh) are still close to the level of dead water, so the energy source in the northern region can not meet the demand for load despite exploitation. Maximum transmission capacity of the 500kV North – South line.

EVN added that around 13:00 on June 28, the 500 kV line of Da Nang – Ha Tinh suffered a fire caused by a forest fire in Huong Thuy district in Thuan Thien Hue, which made the power supply worse. In order to secure the secure operation of the national power system, the National Center for Electricity moderation was forced on June 28 to reduce the burden in some areas of the northern and central regions.

Mai Chi (synthetic)

Hot in the week: public opinion

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