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How not to be disappointed? – 24-hour football

Thursday, January 31, 2019 00:03 (GMT + 7)

On January 26, the Vietnamese team returned home with welcome fans after a successful Asian Cup in 2019.

Initially, Coach Park Hang-seo set only the goal to go through the group stage, but the army below came to the quarterfinals but lost near the big Japanese button 0-1. Please note that Japan is the only team in Asia qualifying for the World Cup 2018. It is worth mentioning that, despite the loss, Vietnam has caused many difficulties for opponents. Captain Captain Maya Yoshida has admitted this.

Since then Vietnamese team Is it enough to be one of the strongest continental teams? Ever since the Vietnam team made big winter football teams in sweat, hard breathing? Before that, when it comes to the Asian arena, professionals, Vietnamese fans all clicked on the language, just entertaining it for fun, but nothing was lost. The past is true when the Asian shirt is too large compared to the slim body of Vietnamese football.

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Park Hang Seo instructor instructed the students

Since then things have changed Coach Park Hang-seo accepted for work in Vietnam. Under the ingenious leadership of Korean rulers, Vietnamese football grew as fast as, of course, the Asian shirt was no longer too wide and convenient. Many believe that Vietnam, if in the quarterfinal match only with China, is likely to enter the 2019 Asian Cup semi-finals. This belief certainly does not blind the "golden stars of the warriors" playing energetically in Japan earlier this year.

There is not much controversy, coach Hang-seo Park and current players leave confidence and optimism to the fans. But how to keep beautiful days is a question that is not easy to find. Who can guarantee that the successor of Hang-Seo Park Coach will promote the elite of this military leader who is building? Watching the neighboring forces, fans could not but not worry about lack of relief because there were so few open names.

Commentator Vu Quang Huy said a very good punishment, raising pigs for sale is not the same as any other group. The same is the training of young players. In essence, be stable in how to work, how to organize. That look is correct but inadequate. In order for the football field to progress, training for the youth must be extensive. I can not just wait for Hanoi, HAGL, SLNA … to provide good players. The range of options must be extended both in quantity and quality.

The Spanish team took over as a core. But when Barcelona came down, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid players were ready to fill up, helping "Bulls" to maintain strong strength. With Vietnamese football, after what has been shown, it is time to think about the goals further, for example, in the World Cup. But to achieve this, the base for youth training must be expanded, create many generations of quality players, build quality and quality for national teams.

Does it come back from the Asian Cup, will the Vietnamese team win the Cup?

Vietnam Tel is the brightest candidate to win the 2018 World Cup.

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