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"Hunt" swans, deer ducks, hemorrhoids in 7 colors to make pets play Tet

Thursday, January 31, 2019 05:00 (GMT + 7)

The "hunt" of poisonous and odd animals is a delight to many of the giants, especially on Tet vacations. So, water birds like ducklings, swans or precious birds like sedimentary pheasant, the public is considered to be "pet" by many "giants" who like to play birds even though they have a high price. to dozens of millions of VNDs.

"Breaking" on a farm of almost 3 hectares Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam in Dong My, Thanh Tri, Hanoi, we admire the unique species of birds and swampfish that are very rare in Vietnam. All of them were directly linked by Mr Nam from many countries of the world, especially from European countries.

Mr. Nam confirmed: "At present, my farm has about 30 unique species of poultry and swampfish."

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Close-up of two black swans raised at Mr. Na's farm in Thanh Trio (photo: NVCC)

At present, Mr. Nam on the farm also has black and white swans coming from Europe. The white swan has a smooth, thick fur with a clean white cover. It is also the highest commercial value on the Thanh Nam farm. Every pair of labels matures up to 50 million. Black swan is smaller, but it also costs 40 million VND / pair.

Labud farming is not too heavy, it is only necessary to eat bran, corn, water, vegetables and other wetland birds, however, this point is still a rare breed in our country.

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In order to provide the best developmental environment for swans, Mr. Nam has trained many large ponds and raised fish and has swimsuits (Photo: NVCC).

In addition to swans, swampwaters are equally impressive, and on Namo's estate there are falling ducks, covered with a smooth feather, which are very attractive colors. Namely, our farm also owns a white, sweet duck that is seldom available.

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And in the bird garden and in seven colors in color.

Sharing with journalist Dan Viet, owner of poultry farms and rare aquatic birds, said that raising ducks is not too difficult, but it has a great commercial value. The price of cultivated ducks is 1 million VND / animal, white duck 1.2 million VND / throat.

If the buyer buys adult ducks, the duck color is 4 million VND / animal, and the white duck is more expensive to 5 million VND / head. Without big ponds like swans, lovely ducks need to build a small water tank to bathe and play on land.

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Small duck is small and low, but her look is pretty full, full of love (Photo: Kim Cuc)

Born in 1986, Mr. Nam had 12 years of bird watching, almost all the rare breeds he knew. Prior to that, Mr. Nam graduated from the University of Foreign Trade at the University of International Trade but after several years of work at the bank and the big company he was dismissed. Also, because of the pleasure of this kind, he decided to follow the farming.

Similar to his garden at Thanh Tri, Hanoi is pheasant. Especially seven-color hemorrhoids have exceptionally impressive long tails originating from Japan. The adult male has a length of 80 cm to 100 cm, in which the tail occupied 50 cm to 70 cm. Males have yellow hair peaks, bright red chest, any colored hair band is a green stone, yellow silk is very impressive. The long tail is mostly chestnut, his legs are small, yellow. The female is smaller and shorter, the feather is not as colorful as the male.

Săn hunting & # 34; swans, pigeons, 7 - color hemorrhoids for playing pets playing Tet - 6

The red pheasant is not only beautiful, it is also very easy to pick it up, so it is more desirable than small breeding huts.

During the years of breeding breeds of poultry, imported swampfish, Mr. Nam said that most of them have very good resistance, little illness, and it is particularly easy to adapt and easy to eat. The fasades still eat normal beef bran, slightly more green vegetables, rice, bran or worms are well-developed birds.

Japanese Red Pheasant has a sale price of 900,000 VND / head for breeds and 4 million VND / head for parents. In addition, Mr. Nam also raised Japan's green pheasant, Iranian pheasant from Yunnan – China is also very popular.

Still not impressed, Mr. Nam is also the owner of many extremely colorful green pawns. Paun is also known by other names as Birds Khổng Tước, a bird of nobility. Green peacocks originate from the Indian Buddhist country, have long, silky hair. Adult green pawns can be up to 2.1 m in males. At the age of 3 to 5 years, their tails may be up to 1.5 m and weigh 8-8 kg / head.

Săn hunting & # 34; swans, nibblers, 7-bait pheasants make pets for Tet-7

The beads of the beads flutter with the pearls are a big value of the green turkey, which is often grown in ecoregions, large zoos (Photo: Kim Cuc).

At present, the young ladies' flee is charged with 800,000 VNDs / birds, and the kennel is 5 million VND / throat. This species is not popular in Vietnam, so the price is still high.

Each species of ornamental birds and swamp birds Nguyen Thanh Nam was imported and groomed were extremely strange and new. Therefore, although spending up to tens of millions, many giants still have no regrets to be able to play precious birds. According to Mr. Nam, this type is scattered throughout the year by the customers because of their great value, so Tet holiday increases but does not change much compared to the usual day. However, Vietnamese people are becoming increasingly interested in importing noble bird species from around the world.

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