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Just lead the case of a colonel who strikes witnesses

On January 31, Mr. Vo Ngoc Kha, President of the City People's Committee Tuy Hoa, said he ordered the city police to immediately review and strictly deal with Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Minh Le-Deputy Chief of Police, Phu Thanh, who acted. pedaling people in the police administration.

According to Colonel Nguyen Van Dung, Tuy Hoa City Police Chief, after receiving information, police TP suspended Mr Le's work to carry out verification and handling.

Order Colonel to Silence Witness - 1

The image of Mr. Lea used his leg to bring the witness to the police station at Phu Thanh (cut off from the clip)

In his report, Mr. Le said Mr. Quoc, when he went to the department as a witness, drank and missed the co-operation.

Mr Le found Mr. Quoc lying on the floor working, shouting that he should lie and should be angry and unobtrusive, which would lead to the wrong action. Although he did not cause any damage to Mr Quoc, Mr. Le's actions had a negative impact on the police's image. Therefore, the police of the city of Tuy Hoa are considering strict disciplinary measures, "Mr. Dung said.

As we reported earlier AP On January 29, Facebook appeared on the social network, a 30-second clip that captures gray hair on a police uniform, hitting a man lying on his back on the floor. When a person wearing a different uniform stops, a silvery person stops.

By the understanding, it is well-known that the man in the field is Mr Le Huu Quoc (quarter 3, resident in Phu Thanh).

According to Mr. Quoc, he was the one who prevented the fight near the house. When Phu Thanh's police department came down to settle the case, they called Mr Quoc to the police station headquarters as a witness.

"As we solved the case, Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Minh Le came in and talked to me, and then did not know why he fought me at the police department department. I was upset and filed a lawsuit with Tuy Hoa's police and the authorities "- Mr. Quoc talked to reporters.

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