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Look at the "100-year-old" costing tens of millions of dong

Thursday, 31 January 2019 to 13:00 (GMT + 7)

Tamarind every year for 2 fruits with about 150 left to the tree ruin just enough, the tamarind fruit when it eats sour.


Mr. Tran Phuoc Quang has been with me for over 100 years

Just a few days to a new year. So the amount of decorative flowers for Tet is now flooded with markets of ornamental flowers in the West, with all kinds and colors. Among them, many poisonous and odd plants worth hundreds of millions of VNDs / trees are present in the decorative flower markets, which is why many people look up.

Looking at me

I trees for more than 100 years have been sold for VND 55 million g. Quang to Bac Lie flower market

On Bac Lieu flower market is located on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street (ward 1, Bac Lieu Town, Bac Lieu province), tamarind tree for more than 100 years and guava trees for almost 40 years are Mr. Tran Phuoc Quang (49 years old, lives in District of Tam Binh), Vinh Long Province, for sale for VND 55 million and VND 35 million, causing 'fever' in the Bac Lie market for this lunar New Year.

Looking at me

Extremely cruel shape, the tamarind tree has a height of 90 cm and the body is about 1.7 m

According to Mr. Quangu, he bought this tamarind from his neighbors in Vinh Long about two years ago. "The Tamarind trees are over 100 years old, the leaves are gorgeous, they are not circumcised, I go over and see the root big, so beautiful, so I have to go back and ask the owner to buy that roots of tamarind, the new neighbor agrees to sell," he discovered Quang.

Looking at me

At the foot and body part of more than 1 m with a lot of melancholy, the winding on the track looks very beautiful

The present Tamarind tree is after about 2 years of careful care about 90 cm wide, about 1.7 m wide, with many branches spreading. From the original part of the tree, Mr. Quang was assigned a cannon, waving ancient style. At the foot and body more than a meter in size with many melancholic markings, the bandage in the time of looking looks very nice.

Looking at me

Due to the moderate tamarind tree, every year there are 2 crops with about 150 fruits

Almost 40 years of guava trees have also been bought from neighbors planted in his garden. The guava tree has a height of 70 cm, a diaphragm about 1 m. Like the tamarind trees, from the original part of the tree, it was assigned to scatter with a unique look. This guavine tree was planted by Mr Quang in a rectangle of 1.5 m long, about 60 cm high (calculated from ground to pottery surface).


In addition to tamarind trees for more than 100 years, Mr. Quang has also been showing the trees for almost 40 years

Mr. Quang added that tamarind trees were left with 2 crops per year with more than 150 fruits to store tamarind trees, and fruits when they were acidified. And guava trees have recently cut, so they are not left out. When it comes to fruit, guava is a sweet, pink hose.

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