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Man City has benefited greatly from Denis Suarez, the novice Arsenal

According to the latest information on the winter transfer market, the city has made great use of Arsenal's Denis Suarez.

Why is a man green?

This weekend, fighters will face defenders in the 25th Premier League, which could be a debut match for novice Denis Suarez. But in a related move, this will be an unforgettable match for the Spaniard, because he has grown up in the past in Man City training.

Denis Suarez joined the team U19 Celta Vigo at the age of 16 (2010) and moved to Man City for 1 million euros a year later. However, he only came out in colors U18 and U21, he never wore the first team shirt. By 2013 Denis Suarez returns to La Masia Peć, Barca for 1.5m euros.

Man City has been using Denis Suarez, the novice Arsenal

Man City has largely benefited from Denis Suarez for introducing a pre-sale transfer clause

And when Suarez sold the team to camp Nou, the green man was smartly involved in the transfer clause. Specifically, if this player joins another club, Man City will automatically enjoy 20% of the value. And yet, England will also receive 700,000 euros for every 10 appearances of Denis Suarez, and this amount will be paid by the management of the club.

That is, if Arsenal buys this player at the end of the season (£ 20million), Barca will receive only 16m and 4m will fall into Man City pocket. Of course, this is every 700,000 euros / 10 times more plots.

During Camp Nou, Suarez had 70 caps for Barca, equivalent to € 4.9 million for "giving honor" to Manchester. That is why Barca insists on jumping this player into semi-off form because he is ill with billions of "odd" money paid to Man City. the contract with the Red Devil, what does the French team say?
Recently, Anthony Martial's striker extended the contract with M.U, and the player spoke about his decision. Arsenal has successfully hired Suarez from Barce
According to the latest information, the club Arsenal recruited Denisa Suarez from Barcelona on a loan until the end of the season.

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