Tuesday , July 27 2021

Miss Huong Giang shared the idea of ​​"third person"

Recently on Instagram's personal page, the beauty is crowned "Miss International Transition 2018", he suddenly uploaded Huong Giang, and the photo sits in front of the mirror with a commentary to "foster" the fans. Accordingly, she later said, she never cared for a "third person," because if one does not agree then no one can naturally become a "third person." Keeping this in mind, Huong Giang insists that a "third person" can never be contacted unless he is her best friend.

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Contribution of Huong Giang to the public

The public audience, which was immediately curious and "probably overdue", refers to referring to the "third person" that interferes with its own affair. However, in response to this question, beauty has decided to remain silent rather than pronounce confirmation or rejection.

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Huong Giang has a sweet two-year relationship with an overseas Vietnamese boyfriend – Criss Lai

After six years of official entry into the Vietnam showbiz and became known, Huong Giang has gradually tried to confirm his efforts and passion for art. Her looks and beauty are also more complete and beautiful shimmering. Transsexual beauty does not hesitate to express itself in many areas, from singers to fashion show and appearances in a gameshow show on television.

However, so far, Huong Giang is still private in a private life story. Until now, she has only once admitted and published a love story with an overseas boyfriend from Vietnam called Criss Lai. Both of them knew about joining The Amazing Race 2014. Huong Giang was happy and proud to share that love story and discovered that Criss Lai wins not only male, powerful but subtle, intelligent and full of sweetness. This oversea Vietnamese is always silhouetted with Huong Giang and is not afraid to show interest, worrying about her. Unfortunately, two years after the kahi, this wonderful dream story has ended.

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Huong Giang crowned "Miss International Transition 2018"

Since then, Huong Giang has never entrusted who he is who he is, who is staying with whom. Although he has been on a different occasion several times, but eventually, Huong Giang shares, they are just friends, colleagues, and associates working with her.

After the transfer, Miss Criss Lai did not find anyone suitable, nor did she open up with any single guy, and did not intend to rush but waited quietly for half of it. Speaking of the desirable criteria in the man he expected, he admitted Huong Giang, he did not think of criteria that only say that a man who dared to hold a hand but a brain, but if he liked to love something proud.

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