Monday , May 17 2021

More than the 1,400 billion USD invested and renewed Highway 13 connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong, tens of thousands of people will be happy, the property used here

According to experts' calculations, determining the national highway 13 as the backbone of the transport system in the entire economy and society Binh Duong must invest in upgrading and spreading reasonably enough to afford it. by fostering a successful locality.

The Binh Duong Department of Transportation and Transportation earlier issued two plans for extending each side 15m from the plastic edge; Upgrading from 6 existing bands to 8 or 10 traffic lanes, corresponding to the standards of major urban streets; The projected speed is 80 km / h and the load is 120KN / os. At the same time, combine the reconstruction of essential traffic lanes with signal lights or only one-side expansion in the form of divergence of investment in each period.

However, according to the approved plan, NH13 has been extended from 6 to 8 lanes, a passage from the welcome door to P.Vinh Phu (Thuan An town, Binh Duong, adjacent to HCMC) to the intersection with Le Hong Phong (P. Phu Hoa, Thu Dau Weather City, Binh Duong).

Both extended tracks are located to the right of Ho Chi Minh City to Binh Phuoc, and are invested in sidewalks and green trees to drain water from both sides of the road. The project also built 2 overpasses with 4 lanes, including the intersection point of the Binh Hoa intersection (Ong Bo Bridge, Binh Hoa, Thuan An Bridge) and cut between the Huu Nghi Avenue (VISP 1 Industrial Park, TX An) with QL13. Expected project implementation time from 2019 to 2022.

Also according to the Binh Duong People's proposal, after the completion of the QL13 expansion project, station 1 (Vinh Phu) and Train 2 (Suoi Gioi) will be used to collect fees for each vehicle group to regain investment capital and Annual increase in fees does not exceed the regulations of the Ministry of Finance.

The total investment capital of the project amounts to RSD 1.411 billion, of which 20% is from corporate capital and 80% from bank loans. The cost of building site approval is supported by the provincial budget, which is not included in the total investment.

According to the National Committee of the Binh Duong Province, National Highway 13 is the backbone of the Binh Duong transport system and is located on the road system of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), whose international name is AH13 (ASEAN Highway). , This time was conceived as a lever to improve Binh Duong's position from a poor agricultural land to a leading position in the country in industrial and urban development, attracting investment.

So far, on National Highway 13, passing through the area of ​​Thu Dau Mot City, TX, Thuan An, Ho Chi Minh City … there are frequent traffic jams, they need to be upgraded and expanded soon. Many plans are in place but pressure is still paramount. If the road is to be upgraded and upgraded soon, it will continue to create a "technical framework" for Binh Duong to become a central city in the near future.

Over 1,400 billion USD invested and upgraded Highway 13 connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong, tens of thousands of people will be happy and the real estate market will flourish again - Figure 1.

So far, on National Highway 13, passing through the area of ​​Thu Dau Mot City, TX, Thuan An, Ho Chi Minh City … there are frequent traffic jams, they need to be upgraded and expanded soon.

In Binh Duong, the market has been said to be quite grim for the past 10 years, although the traffic infrastructure system was invested quite synchronously and very close to Ho Chi Minh City, since Tetovo's holiday became very busy. when many new real estate investors appear.

Accordingly, the Thu Duc (TDH) Housing Development Company has announced that this year, in the city of Thuan An, Binh Duong, will invest nearly 2h of the project. In addition, this unit also owns a rather large landfill, about 65ha in Binh Duong, which will be "reserved" for future development strategies.

Similarly, the Thien Minh Group has recently partnered with major residential partners in the center of Binh Duong. Dat Xanh Group also acquired a land bank of more than 80 hectares to prepare for the development of neighboring housing projects. Phu Dong Group also did not want to be "inferior" when it announced in 2019 that it will sell more than 600 affordable apartments in Binh Duong.

Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc, General Manager of Phu Dong Group, said that if real estate projects in the past were mainly focused on the new city of Binh Duong, the city of Thu Dau Mot, the city of Ben Cat, there was recent excitement again in Di An City, Tan Uyen. The main reason is that transport infrastructure in the eastern region of Binh Duong is invested massively in accordance with the strategy of forming the economic triangle Binh Duong – Ho Chi Minh City – Dong Nai.

Currently, along with ring road 3, belt 4, My Phuoc – Tan Van – Nhon Trach, DT 746, DT 747B, areas will soon receive more "billion dollars" traffic. , Can be mentioned as Ho Chi Minh City – Chon Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City – Loc Ninh, Metro Binh Duong New Town – Uyen Hung – Tan Thanh, Di Metro – Tan Uyen, Thanh Tram – Suoi Tien Stretching came to town Di …

"These works create economic cohesion and commodity traffic between Ho Chi Minh and Binh Duong, the city of Bien Hoa is extremely convenient. Combined with the international airport of Long Thanh and Cat Lai, Cai Mep – Thi Vai, … will help the most enjoyable the country's economic region, such as the tiger, is increasing the number of wings, and local government is always close to removing difficulties in implementing legal procedures. Investments should have more prerequisites for businesses to quickly implement product launching projects, "Phuc added.

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