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My family waited all week without seeing the temple of Ba Vang

Chickens who delivered chickens were killed: My family waited all week for not to see Yen Ba Vang Pagoda - Picture 1.

In the evening of April 6, the DPRK Dien Bien approved the decision to prosecute and determine custody for literature (SN 1982 in the village of Na Ngum, Thanh Yen district, Dien Bien district), who was determined to lead and manage. kidnapping, rape and murder of student Cao Thi My D. (SN 1997).

According to the testimony of a number of subjects entitled to the Law on Legal Protection, in the afternoon of February 4, 2019 (the 30th Lunar New Year), 6 cases include Luu Van Lu, Vuong Van Hung, Pham Van Nhiem, Luong Van Hung and Bui Van Cong and because Van Math used drugs together, they sat and talked in Cong's living room.

Here Math told a group of addicts that D's student had owed money and wanted to ask someone to take her daughter for a few days to put pressure on a woman to pay. The team who also promised the social brothers would pay good money and drugs. After that, addicts immediately agreed to plan and kidnap and kill D.

In conversation with the AP on April 7th, Mrs Tran Thi Hien (student D) expressed anxiety about these testimonies and confirmed that her family alone did not know either of them because of maths or 8 subjects.

"I do not know anything because Van Toan and all 8 subjects do not say they are lending money or debts do not pay," Mrs Hien emphasized.

Mrs. Hien added that she had talked about it in the past, and Dien Bien Province police responded to the press, stating that it was stated in the information that she borrowed 300 million VND from the loan, so she did not pay the child. The murdered girl is incorrect.

"I confirm, I am a person who is concerned, does business, does not play, plays with that person or others or relates to other drug lines."

If I have to borrow money to invest in my job, my family has many countries and can borrow a bank loan, but I do not have to borrow from the outside. I borrowed 1,000 VND and I will pay, but I never paid.

The family was in great pain, agitated by the loss of the child and if she could save her life if she could give up her property, I would be ready to rescue her child, not to say because there was no ransom, "Mrs. Hien said.

Her mother delivered chickens, adding that the family wants the authorities to clarify the cause of their daughter's murder.

"I am very tired, sometimes I want to fall, but when I see my child reminds me of being strong and resisting the authorities to uncover the cruel deeds of these people. I hope everyone will pray for sharing with the family, but not the rumors of the evil information that affect her soul, "said Mrs Hien.

In the second development, Mrs. Tran Thi Hien said, although she is promised in the phone, this week she will go to a place where she will apologize to the family, students D. but now, Pham Thi Yen (Buddhist Temple Ba Vang has not yet come, do this.

"My family waited this week and the last two days of the week, but did not see Mrs. Yen, maybe Yen said the incident was cool and the public had no worries, so she did not fulfill my promise, but I would not do it. .

If Mrs. Yen does not tell her family and grandchildren, I will have a request to ask the police and other authorities to seize the case, "Hien said and repeated the inability to take pain. her family to propagate superstition and superstition.

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