Sunday , January 24 2021

Nations, Nations broke Guinness World Record

After the break for British Got Talent in 2018, Quoc Nghiep nationalist entered the training process before setting a new World Guinness record in Italy. This is the invitation of the Guinness World Organization in Italy for the "Golden Couple". BTC was impressed by the excellent performances of Quoc Co, Quoc on the reality show of the UK Got Talent.

photo 1

Accordingly, two renowned circus artists from Vietnam will perform blind links, the first staircase, which will raise ten steps to set a new record. This requires intensive training of the last two brothers. The establishment of the minutes will be held on 13, 14 or 15 to 11, according to the Organizing Committee and the health of representatives of Vietnam in Italy.

photo 2

Talking about the upcoming trip, the brothers said it was an unexpected proposition, so there was not much time for preparations, but the "golden couple" tried hard to practice in the last few days. To achieve the best results, do not miss the opportunity to circulate Vietnam once again on the international scene.

The Biggest Desire of Brothers – National Diplomacy is not only a well known Vietnamese circus art but also to the world to get to know the class, talent and beauty of Vietnamese and culture. South.

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