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Netherlands: Giant Battle Theater, Rumbling of Semifinals (Women's World Cup) -H 24h Football

Sunday, June 30 2019 00:06 (GMT + 7)

(Soccer Video, Soccer Results, Italy – Netherlands, Women's World Cup Quarterfinals 2019) Italy and the Netherlands are major European football teams. The conflict between these two teams in the Women's World Cup quarter-finals in 2019 is actually an inexcusable fighting screen.

The journey to the fourth quarter of the Dutch women's World Cup in 2019 is due to Italy. The Tulip team has won all four games since the start of the tournament. By contrast, Italy also made a rating, but lost from Brazil in the group stage. That is why the Netherlands is somewhat higher than the European.

Italy - Netherlands: Huge Combat Screen, Smashing Semifinal Cards (Women's World Cup) - 1

Italy (blue shirt) and the Netherlands play an extremely dramatic game

However, the quarterfinals did not play the scenario that many predicted. Italy is resistant to defense, speed and virtual variations in the attack. So in the first half, although the Netherlands played well, he still could not break the Italian defender, known for his excellent defensive capability.

Nevertheless, the Italian female physical foundation was seriously disrupted in the last stages. In the 70th minute, this team got the first goal after Miedema showed good chances. He could no longer defend himself, Italy raised the formation and discovered gaps in the back. In the 80th minute, Van der Gragt beat Netherlands for 2: 0.

Eventually, the Netherlands won Italy with 2: 0, winning the 2019 World Cup Women's Cup semi-final.

Final result: Italy 0-2 Netherlands (H1: 0-0)

Achieve goals

Italy: Miedema 70, Van der Gragt 80 & # 39;

Team competition

Italy: Giuliani, Gamma, Guagni, Bartoli, Linari, Cernoia, Galli, Giugliano, Bonansea, Giacinti, Bergamaschi

Netherlands: Van Veenendaal, van der Gragt, Van Dongen, Spitse, Van de Donk, Van Lunteren, Groenen, Bloodwort, Van de Sanden, Martens, Miedema

France - USA: Last minute drama, breaking the semifinals (Women's World Cup)

The two teams offered the audience an exciting match to the last minute.

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