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New horoscope from 8 to 14 April 2019 of 12 children: Tuat injured

( Following a new 12 animal horoscope, Tuat faces many difficulties in life. Love is pale, emotional relationships show signs of cracking, so fate can suffer.

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1tu-vi-tuan-moi-12-con-giang --- tu-vi-tuan-15-thy-ty

Young people in this new week must be careful not to interfere with young people. Five cruel devils are predestined, signaling a troublesome market that can cause problems with that person.

Inadequate trust, suspicion can arise at any time. This armor has to find opportunities to explain to the enemy, two sides sharing the difficulties instead of talking to one another about their sins, exposing evil points to themselves.

At the beginning of the week, work has progressed quite well, but Quan Quan appears later in the middle of the week, so fate should take good care of his work to avoid humiliating young people. It's best not to do important things right now.

As for talent, the age of mice can be assured because there will be many opportunities to stomp the wallet during the week. By the middle of the week, Chinh Tai sponsor, stable wealth and growing ever more at the end of the week, not worrying about lack of money.

Old Horoscope Giap Ty (Kim): The young man was harassed

Horoscope of Old Binha Ty (Thuy): Get to know the story of the city

Marx Horoscopes:. Work has progressed well in the beginning of the week

Horoscope of the Year of the War (Tho): Wealth of Wealth

Horoscopes Nham Ty (Moc): At the end of the week, there is sunrise

2tu-vi-tuan-moi-crab-12-con-giang --- tu-vi-tuan-15-dare-mouth
The love path of Oxa this week is not very clear. Oriental horoscope shows that destiny is immersed in past pains and does not stand alone.

The work was also influenced by the destiny that emanates from emotions to lead the reasons. At the beginning of the week there were problems that happened because the armor did not work hard at work. Traders have shown that operation is at an alarming level.

But if Ox is still determined, he can still achieve his goal. Thai Am said that fate would welcome the lady's lady to overcome the difficulties she might face. But this armor must try, it will be good until the end of the week.

Contrary to career horoscopes is the talent of Buffalo. Watching a horoscope a week can see that the beginning of the week is the most advanced, easy money. In the middle of the week there is a lifetime, unreasonable costs will make you lose all your financial prosperity.

Horoscope Age of Fool (Kim): Love is broken

Old horoscope Dinh Su (Thuy): Emotions on the throne

Horoscope Age of Fire (Fire): Early week is easy to make

Old Horoscope Tan Suu (Tho): Great People

Horoscope of old vola vola (Carpentry): Precautionary measures in the middle of the week lose money

3tu-vi-tuan-moi-12-con-giap --- tu-vi-tuan-15-vost-dan

The new weekly horoscope from April 8 to 14, 2019, out of 12 animals, shows that the Tiger era will have to move a lot in that period. Dich Vong Tinh brought uninterrupted trips to Tigers.

Not everyone likes to live away from home for a long time, but with this armor, this is a rare opportunity for you to confirm your abilities as a springboard for future advancement opportunities. Important impressions, the heavenly man will not satisfy those who have merit.

At the beginning of the week, destiny will be blind and give money to unreliable people, but do not be too convincing for yourself, but take it as a lesson. Thien Tai and Chinh Tai are on weekends and promise to bring back what they've lost.

This armor lives in a sweet affection that many people dive. However, if you are not in the blanket, you do not know how to worry about your ears, your destiny also has a lot of grief you do not know, but you understand clearly what luck you should keep.

Horoscopes (water): Stressed tiredness

Horoscopes of the year tiger (fire): Family affection and ups and downs

Horoscope Age of tiger (Country): Blinds people

Horoscope of old Canha Dana (Old carpenter): Early in the week it is easy to lose money

Horoscope of the Year Tiger (Kim): Talent last week

4tu-vi-tuan-moi-cua-12-con-giap --- tu-vi-tuan-15-vost-mao

How will cats get 1 week? Horoscope 2019 shows that the fate of this week does not have to worry much. No big change, but with this armor it's the good news you love to hear.

Love has come, destiny can choose the right person for you. This armor has many standards with what you like, but you should find a way to match it, otherwise you can hardly have someone who really loves you.

The week's work was not quite satisfactory, and Thai Duong Cat Tinh always followed the fate but lowered the danger. This armor will feel a positive flow of energy, especially male fate.

The cat's year should be alert to the fact that Quan pulls a young man to endanger his fortune. If you are not careful and clear, you may be well deceived on this money. Weekend is the time to perform a very good business deal, Spirit will protect you.

Horoscope Age Mao (Thuy): Love of Prosperity

The Old Dinh Mao Horoscope (Fire): Help in promotion

Horoscope of the Year of the Horse (Earth): The young man maltreats

Horoscope of New Mao (Moc): Money lost

Rabbit Horoscope (Kim): Weekend is easy to finance

5-vi-tuan-moi-crab-12-con-giang --- tu-vi-tuan-15-your-ti

Great aggression greatly affects the actions of thin people. At the beginning of the week, that armor did not want to focus on his work and tried to follow his will, and as it was harder, it was harder to find the exit.

But the difficulty will go far, Thien An does not allow the rest of the week to rest and still learn, digging deep in order to find light at the end of the tunnel. Do not be discouraged, all your efforts will be rewarded.

Thai Tue's tone warns the Dragons to be careful while participating in the traffic, avoiding playing adventurous sports that does not hurt much in their hands and feet.

Bleak love, either lonely or double, it is also difficult to avoid boredom when the outbreaks are always repeated with familiar motifs.

At the beginning of the week, try to organize important stuff related to money. That's your chance to raise enough money for your life. Note Lifelike is approaching, the weekends easily lose a large amount of money, so keep in mind. Do not forget to follow Daily horoscope of 12 animals treasure.

Giap Giapa Horoscope: At the beginning of the week

The Dragon Age (Earth) Horoscope: The feeling is weak

Horoscopes Mau Thin (Moc): Take care of your health

Horoscope Old Canh Thin (Kim): Affordable Job

Horoscope Tu Thuy Thin Dragon (Thuy): Weekend is easy to lose money

6tu-vi-tuan-moi-12-con-giap --- tu-vi-tuan-15-vost-ti

Old people this week have Bach Viet Dao hoa dien, a love affair blossoming blossom. You can quickly understand the opportunity to change the status of your "ego". There came a grace of goodness, still indecisive.

For couples, this time you will see that your love is clearly promoted. Yes, you will make a decision about a common home after a long time of love and joy. Be honest with your feelings, so you do not have to complain later on.

Sand is interwoven, if love is prosperous, then wealth will be lost, just like the words "red love black and silver". Life's financial difficulties, the opportunity to make money was not much, and generated all kinds of costs, fate is easy to get into debt.

The new horoscope also shows that this animal has to be cautious, focusing on work at the beginning of the week. Traders are negligent, negative thoughts, and do not put their energy to work. By the end of the week it was a better sign.

The Old Horoscope Tu Ti (Fire): Flowering and Prosperity of Peach

Horoscope of age Tu Dinh (Tho): Red with black and silver

Horoscope Ky Ky (Moc): Make money hard

Tan Tan (Kim) Horoscopes: At the beginning of the week, focus on the work

Horoscope Quarter (Thuy): It is to be determined

7tu-vi-tuan-moi-crab-12-con-giang --- tu-vi-tuan-15-vost-ngo

to follow Ten thousand years in 2019Tho Cau was horrified by this age, and threatened to harass small people. A young person this week will mainly focus on the fortune of destiny, causing loss of wealth.

At the beginning of the week there are still real gods, so money is not needed, but this animal is somewhat blind to the trust of people who do not believe, bringing money into an insecure and greedy place, immediate benefit must be to bring images.

The career program is pretty good. This armor is supported by impressionist, easily meeting the set goals. Destiny knows how to apply its strength to its job, so it does not worry too much, but it moves firmly forward.

Speaking of love, this 15-year-old Ngo week can do whatever you want. To make love to anyone, do not forget to tell the person, choose the right time and admit, the double chance this week is quite high.

Horoscope Old Armored Horse (Kim): Small people threaten

Horoscope of the year of horses (water): loss of happiness

Horoscopes Mau Ngo (Fire): Early in the week is easy to make money

Old Horse Horoscope (Tho): The name of the King game

Horoscopes at the age of Nham Ngo (Carpentry): Love is sublimated

8tu-vi-tuan-moi-crab-12-con-gia --- tu-vi-tuan-15-vost-mui

Watch the new horoscope of the week, the age of Miley in the week is pretty big, the love affair is also so tense, it's hard to get lucky as expected. The fate susceptible to emotional trauma needs to calm down to find the right solution.

At the beginning of the week, the job was not very good, the fate could be granted a reprimand for the mistakes I made. This armor must find a way to confirm its ability. Fortunately, Thien Duc is good on the side, not allowing mistakes to go too far.

Try and invest more effort to "get redemption". The weekend campaign will have more positive changes. Thien An shows that destiny has more creative and unique thoughts, easily overcoming the current difficulties.

At the beginning of the week is the time of prosperity, easy to earn because of the genius of the steps. Whether it is a paid employee or a business person, it is important to know this rare opportunity, since it is still easy to degrade from the middle of the week, making it more difficult.

Age of Horoscope (Kim): Emotions are much contradictory

Old horoscope Dinh Mui (Thuy): You need to calm down

Horoscope Ky Mui (Fire): The work has changed

New Age Horoscope (Turčin): Early week is easy to make

Horoscope Quy Mui Ages (Moc): You should take advantage of the opportunity

9tu-vi-tuan-moi-12-con-giang --- tu-vi-tuan-15-vost-nego

coming up last week, Bach Ho is very beautiful, his body is careful in this time to secure his health. It is also a problem that monkeys should pay special attention during the new week.

Friendly people can have many opportunities to meet and meet the opposite sex. The charm of the encounter is truly precious, if you have feelings for everyone, please go boldly forward.

In a relatively light financial week, the Goddess ensured that the money in this hand would only increase, not diminish. However, the weekend may have some extra wear, the fate should pay attention to moderate shopping, not exaggerate.

Works of rise and fall and uncertainty, sand is more prosperous than the weekend. Government officials point out that it is necessary to maintain the spirit of determination, responsibility for what you are doing and not "take the kids to the market".

Horoscope Old Body Armor (Water): Health Problems

Horoscope Age of Monkeys (Fire): Love can be found

A monkey's horoscope

Horoscope of the Body Year (Wood): Early in the week should work great

Horoscopes (Kim): Brave say to my heart

10tu-vi-tuan-moi-12-con-giap --- tu-vi-tuan-15-vost-dau

There are things that work for that time chickens are not good if they do not want to say it's pretty bad. The fate was hurt by the small peoples of Thien Quan, causing the effort to become a glass, fueled by frustration and neglect of work.

Fortunately, the horoscopic sand crystal is designed to help this creature not sink deep into the muddy locust, and it is immediately saved from the wrong path. There are still opportunities for those who are determined.

The road is quite ideal, the main source of income and the extra income of this armor is suddenly increasing. The cock should keep in mind the life of the weekend, do not let small faults burn out all your difficulties.

Horoscopes in Dau (Thuy): Knowledge of waking up in time

Old horoscope Dinh Dau (Fire): Primary human damage

Horoscope Ky Dau (Tho): Love of Prosperity

Horoscopes Tan Dau (Moc): Rich Wealth

Horoscope Age of Rooster (Kim): Weekend is easy to lose money

11tu-vi-tuan-moi-12-con-giang --- tu-vi-tuan-15-your-tuat

Following a new 12 animal horoscope, Tuat faces many difficulties in life. Love is pale, emotional relationships show signs of cracking, so fate can suffer.

At the beginning of the week, happiness is quite successful, fate should try to promote its full capacity so as not to miss the opportunity to earn. Thuc Than has published good news about Tuat's business.

Work is not good. During the week the performance is not high. If there are important things, it is best to think carefully, Quan Quan will promote his ability to help his fate in the weekend to achieve his goals.

Old Dog Horoscope (Fire): Early in the week you can easily make money

Horoscope Binha Tuata (Tho): Business succeeds

Horoscopes at the age of Mau Tuata (Moc): Love fades

Old Dog Horoscope (Kim): It has many injuries

Age of Horoscope Nham Tuat (Thuy): Unstable work

12tu-vi-tuan-moi-12-con-giap --- tu-vi-tuan-15-your-hoi

Looking at the new horoscope of Hoi's age, in this period, the destiny is quite ideal, there are many opportunities for developing talents that you can not imagine. However, the wealth of the week is mostly secondary income.

Fate will have good business results, Spiritual signaling that the job of pigs as a God of wealth protects so extraordinarily convenient, without major obstacles. Tieu Hao is very enthusiastic, only some of the unexpected costs may cost you a bit of your account.

Road love is not so happy when this animal did not actually find a common voice with the person you love. You think two people are a couple born, but when you see a story, you can see how much disagreement there is.

The career path is not very good, but it will be better than the love affair. Fate pretty well promotes its capacity, knows how to use the soft power to control the work, the Indian government shows that the ability to progress pigs is not low.

Horoscope Tu Hoi (Fire): Abundance of Wealth

Horoscope of old Dinh Hoi (Tho): rescue a love affair

Horoscope Ky Hoi Age (Moc): There are opportunities for advancement

Horoscope Tan Hoi (Kim): Business succeeds

Old Horoscope Mr. Thuy: You need to learn to listen

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