Sunday , May 16 2021

Ngoc Trinh celebrated two years of love for his boyfriend

The boy decorates the room with balloons and roses to surprise the wonderful people.

It's been plugged in recently InstagramNgoc Trinh released a video recording her two year old love for her and her boyfriend. She wrote: "April 8, 2017 – April 8, 2019 I Love You".

Ngoc Trinh said bBoys decorate a room full of pink colors with heart-shaped cakes, candles and flowers spreading from the living room to the bedroom. Pink is her favorite color. On her 29th birthday she also prepared a pink party to surprise her.

Ngoc Trinh celebrated two years of love for his boyfriend

Video Ngoc Trinh

Ngoc Trinh celebrates two years of love in the romantic space.

The model publicly announced a new relationship in October last year. She shared that love that made her feel happier, spoiled. Her boyfriend conquered because of sophistication and gifts that prepared her spiritual meaning. "He is respectful and caring for me, in his eyes I am always like a little princess, so I love him deeply," she said.

Unlike before, Ngoc Trinh limited the sharing of his lover. Beauty has revealed that she is just a mature man over the age of 20. If love is big enough, she is willing to live and give birth to a child without marriage.

Recently, Ngoc Trinh is doing more art. She was playing in the movie Upon a great deal of annoyance In February she came to theaters, and she also took over the role of vedette and two fashion shows, including Long night festival of long legs.

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