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People who do not forgive, who accept

The opposite reaction of 3 female stars to the story of "if the husband has another woman" makes the audience think.

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Le Quyen

By appearing at a press conference in the music program, Le Quyen frankly shared his views on the "third person", receiving public attention. The singer confirmed: "This is the worst thing, because it will always be in a disadvantage, whether it's right or wrong."

Already from a small foot, Le Quyen has a "red carpet", creating the conditions for men to go away at any time if people do not deserve it: "Many people wonder if I'm jealous? Many people deny that they are not jealous. I do not say that. I say my jealousy never forgives.

When I was in peace, I always whispered to my ear that, brother who loved, cherished, and nurtured, at some point there was enough mind to take care of another person like, after I was worried about me, he was concerned about another person I took care of you, respect and give people everything I did for you, there is no reason to please forgive me.".

Le Quyen insists she will not forgive her if she has an affair.

The singer allows himself to be remembered within 24 hours. By entering the 25th language, he is ready to have another person in his life. "For me, when no one needs me anymore, I do not have to bother. When people are willing to get upset, wounding is not just in love or storms. Do People really Need Life? If you really need it, it will never hurt you. "

The singer is allowed to recall the man he has issued within 24 hours.

Čet Trang

The comedian Thu Trang has another reaction. In a sharing with reporters, Thu Trang sincerely:

– Couple live together to believe. I never check your messages, but I have a contract. From the moment we got married, we have this kind of contract: First, what we do, we can not touch people in the industry. Secondly, in terms of physiology, I can not do it, but eating the paid cakes is okay, whatever, I do not care, I do not have time to catch those things. But definitely not raising.

Things like: Did you eat? Are you sleeping? … is what treats me. I do not want to repeat with others. Marriage should have a contract. After being held, new marriages are permanent".

Four Trang accepted the husband to pay a cake.

Thu Trang said she accepted Tien Luat "to eat a paid cake", but not to feed, and not to join the profession. Fortunately, Tien's law so far has not "violated the law," so Thu Trang's family is still happy and happy.

Thu Trang just banned Tien Luat to be involved in that profession.

Supermodel Ha Anh

Supermodel Ha Anh is known as a female personality, who lives in a "Western" style, but always has a look at life, the marriage gets a lot of support and approval from the domestic audience. For women supermodels, whether before or after children, if her husband has an affair, they will be released, she will immediately cease and not forgive.

"I once expressed my point:" If my man betrayed me, I would immediately give up. Never forgive me for the first time. "Then people told me:" When you have children, you will understand, will change your thinking to retreat "(perhaps the situation of women in the past was different from society).

Now that I have children, I understand the mother's feeling, imagining the lives of my mother and daughter if I miss my father's role. And I would like to confirm, if my husband betrayed, I would immediately give up, just give up. Do not refrain from forgiving.

Before or after the children, Ha Anh still believes that if the husband has an affair, he will not forgive.

S If Anh, the child with the father is happy. The happiest thing is to grow up in love with all three of the mothers. But if we have to grow up in the cold, the pain of faith is broken, in suspicion and fear, then it is better to let the parents picture separate, but still complete.

If Anh said after the breakup, she would be open to the love of other people right away. The former supermodel confirmed: "Women need happiness?"

If Anh confirmed, "Women need happiness?"

Having a baby with her husband in the West, Ha Anh is tired and still has sex to keep the fire

"Although we are tired, we still have time to eat separately, entrust ourselves. Couplings, solid hands will become catalysts for marital relations", Ha Anh …

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