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Police call witnesses on a baby-born baby in Saigon

On November 12, police in Binh Tan District, HCM City, seeking witnesses in the case of infant carcasses cleaned wild pigs, and then discovered on a vacant land opposite the pagan Thien Hoa. territory.

Incident on your site.

Initially, the police identified the child as a neonatal child and may have been born, the child is abandoned, and the wild pig leads to death. The police demanded information about the incident, providing contact with police headquarters in Binh Tan to serve the investigation.

Earlier, at noon on April 2, Nguyen Nhat Hoang (SN 1981, living in Binh Tan District) was home to 574 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, Lac, District Binh Tan District. The forest releases something like a newborn.

Hoang hurried and pulled the tree. As soon as he was caught, wild pigs gave up on a suspected child. He was close to looking at when the panic revealed that the boy had to report to the police.

The police block the scene for the test.

The police investigated the crime scene, testified the witness to investigate the case. By taking the examination, the police identified the boy's neonatal death. Victims are alive after birth. Cause of death of children due to multiple injuries.

According to the police, it is likely that the baby was born abandoned. The police have consolidated the case file for a crime of murder or postponement of newborns as provided by Article 124 of the Criminal Code of 2015.

Binh Tan District Police have requested information on the case, please contact the Criminal Police team to provide information for the investigation.

According to Minh Tue – Cong Phong (domovina)

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