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Police Discuss CSGT Clip & # 39; Fallen & # 39; when he talked to people

Friday, 09/11/2018 12:00 (GMT + 7)

In the social network, Facebook talks loudly about the police public safety Quoc Nhon (Binh Dinh) who is fighting some people on the road. Especially, the snippet unexpectedly "falls" back to the scene of a police reporter, while talking to young people should seem to interfere with the duty.

According to a report released, when a traffic accident on the night road in Quyi city (Binh Dinh province), a traffic accident scene suddenly hit the road.

According to the snippet, the police were waiting for the young man. Before that, he constantly discusses with the police and does not maintain a motorcycle on the road. Another young man who returned the phone to the incident was also a quarrel, battling with CSGT.

"Where's the label, I asked him where the bulletin board was, I turned around, and another car you did not catch, this car violates what," the young man asked CSGT.

Police talk about CSGT clip & # 39; when you talk to people - 1

Young people constantly tell the traffic police. Photo: cut out of the clip

Specifically, during the incident, while standing beside the conversation with the young men, the traffic accident suddenly fell, immediately the young men point to the traffic police and constantly shouting: graffiti. Graffiti. "I do not do anything wrong … Then the young man was put in the middle of the road and then took it away.

After the clip expands on the social network, it attracted millions of viewers, thousands of shares, comments. In it, many adverse negative comments negatively affect the image of communist soldiers.

Police talk about CSGT clip & # 39; when you talk to people - 2

The two sides fought, talking to each other. Photo: cut out of the clip

Senior Colonel Huynh Du Phi Long, Police Chief of the City of Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh), said he heard about the incident and also watched the clip expand on social networks.

According to Mr. Long, in the original report, on November 7, an accident occurred between two engines at Dien Hong Road (Qiu Nhon City). However, when the traffic police in Quy Nhon City City, the motorcycle accident escaped, leaving only the victim with the motorcycle patio. When a traffic police put a motorcycle on a police car to solve the problem, two people on the road seem to hinder a person in office.

"While the wounded had no idea, the two men had nothing to do with the unlucky situation and they had a drunken expression, repeatedly seeking to find a car accident that ran away from the car to the headquarters, although he explained, but these two still do not listen. They did not show any opposition, do not let the police take over the car, and there is tension between the ECG and these two people, "Long said.

Police talk about CSGT clip & # 39; when you talk to people - 3

Young people are controlled. Photos: Cut From Clip

Currently, Ngu Quan Nhon police found a car that caused an accident with the driver and took him to the police administration.

"Particularly about falling CSGT in the snippet is not quite clear, it's not clear how. Do not know me, slip your leg or hit the" elbow "of the other. I'll be working with you to check things out.

I also focused my attitude toward your work at that time, what was the violation? As for the act of hindering a person in office, it is also considered how much it will solve, "Long said.

CSGT fades when it fights with the road?

While dealing with traffic accidents, police Quy Nhon City Police (Binh Dinh) fought with people on the road because …

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